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About Us

Our business

Established in 2018 by founder and CEO John Ricci, Danavation Technologies Corp. is the only electronic shelf label provider grounded and based in North America. Driven by cutting-edge IoT automation technology and proprietary software, our Digital Smart Labels™ technology enables retailers, grocers, healthcare providers, manufacturing and logistics companies, animal shelters, the military, and more to automate labelling, pricing, product information, and promotions in real time.

Our vision is to accelerate the adoption of IoT technology and transform the market with automation solutions that solidify us as leaders in technology who can meet—and exceed—the requirements necessary to build thriving smart organizations, smart cities, and industry 4.0.

Our mission is to disrupt the market with innovative and sustainable Digital Smart Label™ solutions our customers can always count on. We’re your home team and are able to deliver on this promise 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

At Danavation, our culture is grounded in collaboration and fostered by innovation. We’re a team of disruptors who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo—especially when it comes to solving our customers’ problems. We thrive on problem-solving and always encourage our employees to have a voice.

Acelerar la adopción de la tecnología IoT y transformar el mercado con soluciones de automatización que nos solidifiquen como líderes en tecnología que pueden cumplir y superar los requisitos necesarios para construir organizaciones inteligentes prósperas, ciudades inteligentes e industria 4.0.

Irrumpir en el mercado con soluciones Digital Smart Label™ innovadoras y sostenibles con las que nuestros clientes siempre puedan contar. Somos su equipo local y podemos cumplir esta promesa las 24 horas del día, los siete días de la semana.

En Danavation, nuestra cultura se basa en la colaboración y se fomenta en la innovación. Somos un equipo de disruptores que no tienen miedo de desafiar el status quo, especialmente cuando se trata de resolver los problemas de nuestros clientes. Prosperamos en la resolución de problemas y siempre alentamos a nuestros empleados a tener una voz.

Accélérer l’adoption de la technologie IoT et transformer le marché avec des solutions d’automatisation qui nous confortent en tant que leaders technologiques capables de répondre et de dépasser les exigences nécessaires pour créer des entreprises intelligentes et florissantes, des villes intelligentes et l’industrie 4.0.

Révolutionner le marché avec des solutions Digital Smart Label™ innovantes et durables sur lesquelles nos clients peuvent toujours compter. Nous sommes votre équipe d’accueil et sommes en mesure de tenir cette promesse 24 heures sur 24, sept jours sur sept.

Chez Danavation, notre culture est fondée sur la collaboration et animée par l’innovation. Nous sommes une équipe de perturbateurs qui n’ont pas peur de remettre en cause le statu quo, en particulier lorsqu’il s’agit de résoudre les problèmes de nos clients. Nous prospérons dans la résolution de problèmes et encourageons toujours nos employés à s’exprimer.

At Danavation, we

are different

question the status quo

are motivated to make a difference

cultivate growth

value honesty & strong work ethic

encourage open communication

Meet our team

I can fly a plane

John Ricci

President & CEO

My most prized possession is a handmade rug passed down over four generations

Roopy Derose

Business Manager

I was a chess champion in Grade 6

Michael D. Tran


I was the heaviest baby ever born at my hospital

Kyle Nazareth


For ten years, I had a pet Wolf

Daniel Richard

Director of Sales – Eastern

I know and can imitate all the Pokemon sounds

Jacky Chen

Implementation Engineer

I’m ambidextrous

Jody D’Amico

Director of Operations

I saved a squirrel’s life 

Jonathon Ricci

Project Manager / Account Executive

I’ve been collecting comic books since I was 12

Charlie Di Martino

Marketing Manager

I’m a zombie survival expert

De Sousa

Digital Analyst

 I’ve been raising fish since I was 12

Leo Tran

Software Developer

I did the Weekend to End breast cancer 60km walk 5 years in a row

Susan Traynor


Brittany Chan

Project Coordinator



I am an avid Roller Coaster Tycoon fan

Bryan Elcorrobarrutia

Software Developer


I can play the bagpipes


Marketing Communications Specialist

I was born in Liverpool and immigrated to Canada as a child.


Systems Engineer

I can solve calculus problems by chewing bubblegum.

Why Danavation is a great place to work

Our cause

At Danavation, we advocate for environmental sustainability through significantly reduced paper use and print waste. And we don’t just say it, we put our commitment into action through our Digital Smart Labels™. For every organization that makes the switch from traditional paper labels to Digital Smart Labels™, we donate to One Tree Planted, a charitable organization whose mission is to help global reforestation efforts. By reducing their paper usage, our clients have been essential to the replanting, conservation, and protection of forests in North America — creating a healthier planet for years to come.

Danavation is making our earth more sustainable.