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Ask the Expert: How are Digital Smart Labels™ installed?

By December 22, 2020January 25th, 2021No Comments

Jonathon Ricci, Project Manager, holding a digital smart label

In this month’s Ask The Expert post, our Director of Operations, Jody D’Amico, and Project Manager Jonathon Ricci will be providing insight into our installation process. (Hint, it’s easier than you think.)

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to installing Digital Smart Labels™. Which is why before any installation, our operations team conducts a full store assessment. This helps determine how much of the store needs to be fit, which areas should be installed first, the type of shelving we’re working with, and any potential roadblocks. Next, we test different sizes of rails, clips, and adaptors to see what fits best on your shelving. This step is critical because it dictates how well the install will go — i.e. the wrong size means the electronic shelf labels will not be secure on shelf. After this information is gathered, it is logged into our system to ensure all the necessary pieces are ordered and in stock prior to the install date. 

Once all of the inventory is in stock, the team works around the customer’s schedule to ensure the install does not interfere with store operations. This means the install can not only occur when the store is closed, but also during regular business hours. Regardless of the time or date the customer chooses, our team is nimble enough to complete the install in an organized and efficient manner, ensuring minimal customer disruption.

The installation is split into two parts — the configuration of the communication infrastructure and the physical installation of the electronic shelf labels. Generally, the IT portion is done first to ensure a seamless implementation. The software that powers the electronic shelf labels is integrated into the existing POS or ERP system and updates them via our sub-1GHz frequency.

The labels themselves are installed one section at a time. First, we remove the existing data strips and paper price tags to make room for the new rails. As the rails are being fixed, other team members will clip on the blank Digital Smart Labels™. All labels are then paired via our software to their corresponding products, displaying whatever pricing, product information, and promotions desired. 

And that’s it! Have any more questions for our experts? Send them to us at or through any of our social media channels today.