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Danavation sponsors motorsport racer Justin Di Benedetto

By December 16, 2020January 25th, 2021No Comments

Justin Di Benedetto and Danavation Sponsorship

Danavation is proud to support rising motorsport racer Justin Di Benedetto.

Justin began his racing career at 17 years old and competes in the Canadian Micra Cup series and the ROK Cup Canada karting series. While Justin has seen success already, many racers with dreams of pursuing a professional racing career begin as early as 7 years old, starting with karts and moving on to cars by 14 or 15 years old. “It’s a crazy sport, but if you have the dedication, there’s a lot of opportunities to make it professionally — even if you start at an older age,” says Justin. To date, Justin has competed throughout North America, and together with his father Tony, formed Di Benedetto Racing. 

“When we formed Di Benedetto Racing, it started off as a way to identify and stand out by branding ourselves,” says Justin. “This became more important as we gained sponsors over the course of the last few seasons. We are very active on social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) giving insight and overview of the developments throughout the race weekend.”

The core team at Di Benedetto Racing has always been Justin and Tony, but over the last few seasons expanded to become a real family team effort. Justin’s younger sister, Brianna transports tires around the paddock to get mounted and balanced for races, while his mother, Adrianna, brother Christopher, and grandfather Donato all help with the setup of tent spaces for the race weekend. Racing at any level requires an immense effort, and having the help and support of his family makes the weekend go that much smoother.

Along with being a professional driver, Justin completed a degree in Business at York University and is pursuing a career in finance. Currently, he works full time at an Investor Relations firm in downtown Toronto. Life can get pretty hectic for Justin — between balancing work, maintaining relationships with his clients, and travelling for races every few weeks, he’s also become quite the pro at managing a busy schedule — especially when it comes to his racing needs. Justin says,  “every day I have to do something related to racing, whether it’s going to pick up parts, doing prep for the trailer, or bringing the car to the shop to get prepared… there’s always something. In a way, it’s like a second job.”

While we chose to sponsor Justin because we are incredibly impressed by his ambition and want to aid a young driver in an exciting, competitive sport, the support has truly been a two-way street. “I really like how thematic Danavation’s solution is,” says Justin. “They are very much involved in emerging technology trends, especially the Internet of Things and smart devices. We live in a time where thermostats and household lighting systems are being controlled by phones, and Danavation’s timing of this solution couldn’t be better.” He went on to add, “I also really like the people around the company – they do a fantastic job and I’m very happy to promote and represent them.”

We wish Justin the best of luck for the 2021 season, and can’t wait to follow him on his racing journey.