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Danavation welcomes its newest Software Engineer

By October 13, 2020November 10th, 2022No Comments

Danavation is excited to welcome aboard our newest Software Engineer; Chris Lin! In this role, Chris will be responsible for helping to create innovative and scalable software platforms.

Tell us about yourself.
Hi! My name is Chris Lin. I am a newly joined software engineer and using software to solve problems is my goal.

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Selfless, success-driven, and curious.

Why did you choose Danavation?
Working in the IOT (Internet of Things) field was always on the top of my list. The future is a new era made of “Things” – networks with a lot of hot topics such as smart factories, smart cities, etc. Danavation is building an entire infrastructure for new retail businesses which captured my eye. I feel lucky to be able to use my skills to help achieve this goal.

What is your proudest accomplishment?
Continued few weeks to isolate the root cause of segmentation fault with different approaches.

What is something that is on your bucket list that you haven’t completed yet?
Practical experience with using data to benefit businesses.

If you could meet anyone living or dead, who would it be?
I would like to meet my grandpa. I have very limited memories with him because he passed away when I was a baby. During family gatherings, I always hear his stories from uncles and aunts. I would like to hear more fun stories from him such as how he captured snakes.

Who inspires you?
My mom inspires me a lot. She teaches me about making good choices and how to plan ahead. In tough times, she always backs me up.

Fun fact about you?
Hmmm, Ok. I am trying.

If you could be reincarnated as a famous landmark, which would it be?
Maya Sun Temple. I visited it once and would like to visit it again. I would observe how human society changes after thousands of years. Isn’t that cool?

My hobbies would be surfing around Github, Kickstarter and some other tech forums. I always keep myself connected with any new tech trends.

Favourite movie, why?
My favourite movie is “Prometheus”. It leaves audience with tons of questions, such as who invented “Engineers”, if “we” were not created for the purpose of nature.

Favourite song, why?
Rada – Thomas Bergersen. It increases my wiring time and makes me focus on if-else.

Favourite book, why?
My favourite book is “Journey to the West”. It’s the first book that I picked outside of school. It showed me an entire mythical world. I feel like my imagination levelled up after reading it.

Favourite meal to cook, why?
Pan fried lobster with ginger and green onion. I learned the recipe after having it in a restaurant and now I am an expert on it. I make it even better!!

Favourite quote?
My favourite quote is “There is nothing permanent except change.” We always need to adjust our position to face new challenges in life and work. Change means challenge but also opportunity.