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Danavation welcomes our newest Sales Development Rep

By April 24, 2020January 15th, 2021No Comments

Meet our newest Sales Development Rep, Brandon!

There’s a new face at Danavation. It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to our newest Sales Development Rep, Brandon Devlin. Brandon was born and raised in Brampton, Ontario. He grew up playing hockey all over the GTA; an environment that has helped develop a strong work ethic and team building mentality. A graduate of Ryerson University, Brandon is ready to start his next chapter at Danavation.

Here are a few fun facts about him:

What made you choose to pursue an opportunity with Danavation?

In my time at the office thus far, I can already tell this is the type of environment where I will thrive. When talked about the company fostering an innovative spirit, that really resonated with me—I’m looking for opportunities where I can take ownership over my work and always be learning in an ever-changing environment. It’s important for me to join a company that encourages innovation and has the ability to adapt on the fly to economic trends.

What is something on your bucket list that you haven’t completed yet?

Travel the world. I have always wanted to backpack across Europe and visit all the continents.

Who inspires you?

Numerous industry leaders inspire me, however I would state that my biggest motivation originates from my parents who have consistently encouraged me to remain centred and positive, regardless of the obstructions that may be in the way. My parents have always taught me to think logically and strategically, and not get caught up with unimportant details.

What’s a random fact about you?

I have met and had dinner with Bill Clinton.