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Digital evolution imperative in retail

By February 6, 2023May 25th, 2023No Comments

Digital Smart Labels Produce Aisle

Through their research, the team at McKinsey & Company know that technology will be a core driver of next-generation retail growth and will fuel omnichannel customer experience, smart offerings, and lean operations. With this knowledge, “retailers can then make the right strategic investments in technology to supercharge their performance.”

Danavation has developed solutions for retail company owners to transform their business. Digital Smart Labels™ offer a class-leading high resolution, high contrast, wide viewability and vibrant colour displays designed to enhance the in-store shopping experience; the solution is integrated into existing workflow thus allowing price changes to be made from the point-of-sale system and reflected on the price labels on the shelf.

Digital Signage with NFC can be used to download all the promotions, join a newsletter or leave a review for the product or the store. Using NFC tags in stores is another incredible information carrier. Simply tap on the tag to instantly receive informative data on the product of interest, or compare products/price points. Additionally, digital signage with NFC tags can lead the user to download in-store promotions, provide the option to join a newsletter or to leave a product or business review.

Retail automation provides more value to both the consumer and staff alike – beyond price and promotion updates. The addition of this technology in a wine or spirits retail environment translates to numerous benefits. Enter the ease and convenience of QR codes – a scanned launching point you can find right on the programmed Digital Smart Labels™ – which will lead you to a new recipe and provide libation inspiration while you’re in store. Adding valuable product specifications on the label is a welcome departure for consumers who have perhaps chosen the wrong bottle of wine more than once. Imagine adding the notes of a vintage to the shelf label; anything from flavour intensity, sugar, acidity, sweetness, body could be included on the label to help your buyer make an informed decision. Scan a QR code on the tag to find a suggested appetizer/meal recipe to round out your perfect pairing. Learn how Digital Smart Labels can benefit the Liquor & Spirits industry.

The pharmacy sector is utilizing Digital Smart Labels™ beyond automating pricing and promotions on the shelf, providing more value and information on the shelf to the consumer and staff, essentially transforming and modernizing the in-store experience. When it comes to pharmacy products, the more information, the better. Options of what can be included and displayed on the shelf are plentiful. Adding beyond the standard product name and information we are used to seeing on paper labels, can be expanded and customized.

As consumers, patients and care providers can attest to, reading labels on medications and/or treatments to find pertinent information can be challenging, especially when scanning fine print. Digital Smart Labels™ and their QR code linking to clear information regarding possible allergens, allergy triggers and drug interactions to be aware of. This is important and necessary information one should not have to search for. Having this listed can free up time for the pharmacist who might have people waiting to discuss medications and treatments. This is not meant to replace a pharmacist’s extremely valuable, necessary contribution, simply to assist consumers in facilitating for themselves. Learn how Digital Smart Labels™ can help the Pharmacy transform their retail business.

According to McKinsey & Company, “among the industrial sectors surveyed, the biggest spender on automation over the next five years is set to be retail and consumer goods.”

As we move through 2023, stay nimble, remain focussed on providing the best consumer experience possible and above all, continue to propel your business to the next level.