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Digital Smart Labels at LCBO Flagship Toronto

By August 16, 2022November 11th, 2022No Comments

In February 2022, LCBO relocated their flagship store to 15 Cooper Street and was officially opened to the public on February 22. The store brings innovation and new ways to shop, including Danavation’s Digital Smart Labels™, which were implemented across all their product categories and over 4000 products, including wine, beer, spirits and vintages. The installation of our Digital Smart Labels™ and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution will contribute to the LCBO’s new urban concept design experience. They opted for our custom-size, sleek, low profile, charcoal black labels that will further elevate their new store design and enhance the customer experience.

LCBO flagship store highlights include a 24,000 square foot space, including their largest vintages selection in the LCBO’s store network with 1500 wines. 

In addition, the store includes interactive digital kiosks that provide detailed product information, including in-store and online availability. The store offers convenience for shoppers and looks for new ways to expand by providing innovative ways to shop.  Visit the store if you’re in the area. Located at 15 Cooper Street in Toronto, the LCBO Flagship store features over 40+ free parking spots for guests shopping at the store. While you’re there, pairing a nice bottle of red wine with your next meal, check out the Digital Smart Labels™.

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