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How to increase customer loyalty

By January 22, 2019December 2nd, 2022No Comments

In order to keep customers coming back, stores need to provide a hassle-free, enjoyable shopping experience. Because pricing products at the shelf is extremely labour intensive, stores are left with a shortage of employees available to spend time with customers whenever prices are changed.

Digital Smart Labels™ enable pricing automation, which frees employees from manual tasks and enables them to dedicate more time to engage customers and deliver great service.

Apart from the obvious labour cost reduction and improved customer experience, Digital Smart Labels™ also offer the following:

  • Zero pricing errors
  • Instant price changing with no limits on frequency or volumes
  • Timed promotions that can link with other channel promos such as “deal of the day”
  • Improved customer confidence
  • Competitive pricing at local store level
  • Improved operations and staff morale
  • Central control and improved margin management

Removing the mundane task of manual pricing from your teams will give them more freedom to help customers and enhance the in-store experience.