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Digital Smart Labels™: A better way to automate

By agosto 27, 2021No Comments

Digital Smart Labels PDA

The world, as we know it, is a much different place today. The past year has been a difficult and challenging one for everyone. From our day-to-day lives to our businesses, we have all had to adapt quickly and efficiently in order to be successful.

Decision-making throughout companies, whether big brands or smaller businesses, had to be swift and strategic. Why? With the outbreak greatly affecting store operations, growth, supply chain management, and overall profit margins, the implementation of technology became a must. 

Automation has been making its way into our lives gradually throughout the years, but now, the digitization of stores, businesses and workplaces is definitely here to stay.  

The right time to digitize 

Although many businesses and companies have already adopted technology and the latest gadgets into their core operations, for those still on the fence, this is the perfect time to jump on board. 

One of the latest innovations helping a variety of retail businesses transform digitally are Digital Smart Labels™. During the pandemic, social restrictions and public health protocols have stopped many retail spaces from growing and progressing overall. Maneuvering around new rules has led many retailers to alter and transform their retail space. Digital Smart Labels™ are a flexible solution that not only will assist you in jumping over the hurdles we’ve come up against during the past year but can also simplify your workplace in a variety of ways. 

Digital Smart Labels™ today and tomorrow

An informative article from Retail Insider titled Balance of Physical and Digital Retail Offering Required to Deliver Experiences Consumers Demand: PwC Report [Feature] discusses today’s customer:

“To meet their needs and satisfy the experiences that they’re going to be demanding, retailers will be required to develop and deliver a balance of digital and physical offerings, communicating and engaging with them and ensuring product fulfillment in ways that appease their preferences and expectations. It’s all going to be about providing an exceptional experience as retailers everywhere continue to navigate the evolution that’s been intensified by the pandemic.”

How do Digital Smart Labels™ fit in with the market, retailers, and consumers nowadays? The answer lies behind the easy installation of our labels, the efficient  IoT automation technology powering them, and the simplification of daily mundane tasks in general.

Stay competitive

Choosing Digital Smart Labels™ and implementing the simplicity of this digital tool could help you gain and maintain that competitive edge necessary in the digital world. Regardless of the pressures retailers feel today, the ones relying on automation are gradually able to withstand these changes and stay at the top of the game. 

Staying competitive also requires impeccable time management. With Digital Smart Labels™, the time spent manually adjusting and changing product pricing is minimized completely. What used to be hours and hours spent on the pricing process can now be completed within minutes. The micro e-paper display is controlled through high-speed communication via our next-generation wireless Basestation that’s intelligent, fast, and most importantly, easy to use.

Digital revolution and new experiences

Alongside remaining competitive with outside factors and other competitors, it is just as essential to keep building on the experience your customers have when they walk through the door. 

The aforementioned article reports, “Though crafting this experience is, of course, no small feat for retailers to achieve, especially given a shifting landscape and behaviour within the industry, it’s providing the prospect of enhancements in customer service and an increase in meaningful engagement among brands and their customers.”

For example, shopping of any kind during the pandemic has created some new habits. Customers want an easy and fast shopping experience, as we are all more comfortable avoiding crowds and spending too much time in one place. With Digital Smart Labels™ you can rely on real time and fast price updates, knowing that your customers can rely on accuracy and cost-effectiveness while shopping. 

In the meantime, our labels can also be used to showcase promotions and to guide customers towards products. With such visuals, customers can get to goods faster and simpler! This way we speed up the flow of shopping and optimize each and every customer’s experience and the overall process. We all lead busy lives on a daily basis, therefore enhancing the speed at which we complete errands is a benefit to all. 

Meeting the needs of customers

Today’s customer is connected and tech-savvy, hence incorporating digital tools within retail has become imperative. In order to keep and grow brand awareness and loyalty, it is important to meet your customer needs each and every day.

Un artículo de Retail Insider titulado COVID Crisis Driving Need for Digital Retail Acceleration and Deeper Customer Engagement: Study highlights, “..the opportunities available for retailers to reinforce or even elevate their value in the eyes of customers and secure their continued loyalty to the brand are plentiful and immense.”

In today’s digital age, businesses thrive on simplicity, efficiency, and dynamic pricing. And the design and purpose behind our Digital Smart Labels™ does exactly that. With its informational digital presence, retailers can rely on bringing value to their own bottom line as there is a clear path of communication between consumers and the product being sold. In the end, you can boost your sales and have plenty of happy and satisfied customers.

Digital Smart Labels™ are already making a positive impact for a variety of retailers. Don’t wait for digital opportunities to come your way, instead, take a digital step forward and give Danavation a call today.