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Digitizing the office space

By julio 8, 2021No Comments

office signage
From open office designs that encourage collaboration to work environments that create a more compelling employee experience, the workplace is evolving. While many employees have reaped the benefits of giving their employees access to technology and tools to increase productivity and engagement, one thing that’s often overlooked is digitizing the space itself.

As we head into a digital world, office digitization is no longer an option—it’s a necessity. 

Danavation’s Digital Smart Labels™ are an excellent way for employers to accommodate the needs of the modern workforce and digitize office and desk signage in a cost-effective manner.

Allow for more flexibility 

In the modern workplace environment, many employers choose to forgo formal desk assignments and implement hot desking instead. While this allows for more flexibility, it can also lead to situations of overcrowding or not being able to secure a place to work. 

Digital Smart Labels™ allow employers to avoid these issues by displaying information such as seating arrangements, employee names and titles, and contact information—personalizing the space for each employee while being dynamic enough to keep up with the constant rotation of staff.

They also integrate seamlessly with scheduling tools like Outlook and Google calendar, meaning that they can be used to display meeting room bookings, upcoming events, or important reminders.


  • Efficiently manage hot desking
  • Book meetings in real time 
  • Integrate seamlessly with online scheduling tools

Modernize your office signage

In the age of digital everything, automation solutions that use e-paper technology like Digital Smart Labels™ are a cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly alternative to other displays such LED or LCD screens on the market. 

Digital Smart Labels™ are controlled by a centralized Basestation that utilizes a strong sub-1 GHZ frequency capable of penetrating through any wall or obstacle—so no matter where they are in a building, they are guaranteed to update. And because Digital Smart Labels™ are  completely wireless, they can be placed virtually anywhere—eliminating the hassle of outfitting an office space with expensive wiring.

Depending on the size of your space, one Basestation is powerful enough to power hundreds of Digital Smart Labels™. Even better, they have a battery life of ten years (based on one update per day) and only consume power while updating, reducing electricity costs and making your workplace more energy-efficient.


  • Cost-efficient digital solution 
  • Ultra low power with 10-year battery life 
  • Can be installed and mounted virtually anywhere 


As technology advances, it’s important to be aware of its effects and the changing landscape when it comes to office spaces. Digitizing an office space could help any business and/or company evolve with the innovative times, while ensuring that they remain relevant and competitive in the meantime. By implementing Digital Smart Labels™, the modern solution to your traditional office space just got simpler! With an easy installation process, 10-year battery life, and an overall cost-efficient digital solution, you and your employees will be able to increase efficiency and productivity to a whole different level. In addition, an automation tool which integrates seamlessly with daily tasks, the office experience becomes transformed quickly. Besides higher productivity, reduced costs and fast reliability, Digital Smart Labels™ could simplify a work day in many ways. Therefore, if you’d like to learn more and join the rapid digital advancements, give us a call today!