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Raise your glass to Digital Smart Labels™

By enero 25, 2023No Comments

LCBO Digital Smart Labels

The benefits of Digital Smart Labels™ reach far beyond refining company processes, boosting efficiencies and automating pricing. While all of these attributes are accurate and extremely valuable, they are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the capabilities of Danavation’s proprietary software.

Digital Smart Labels’™ multifaceted options and ability to deliver a plethora of product information to the consumer on-the-spot both benefits and expands the shopping experience. This technology will engage and inform your customer base at the shelf, providing enhanced product information, current inventory, in-store promotions and so much more.

The Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) is one of the world’s largest suppliers/distributors of alcoholic beverages, and they pride themselves on providing innovative ways to introduce and expedite new products to market while consistently striving to enhance their customer’s in-store experience. Danavation partnered with the LCBO to implement Digital Smart Labels™ in their Kitchener and Flagship locations. The process of updating paper labels before the implementation was quite labour intensive due to the nature of setting up printing and deploying the paper labels. Now, all price changes – as many as 8,000 price changes per month due to promotions – are managed and executed instantly from the store’s central computer. Watch this video and learn about LCBO, their approach to bringing new products to market, their improved customer experience, and how Danavations Digital Smart Labels have enhanced their offering.

The Digital Smart Labels™ can provide more value to both the consumer and staff alike – beyond price and promotion updates. Let’s raise our glass and toast to the bevy of options available via Digital Smart Labels™ to highlight your experience in a wine or spirits store including the following:

Do you have a favourite spirit that you gravitate toward? Have you tired of your delicious, yet predictable cocktail but aren’t sure what else you can create without scouring online for a new option? Enter the ease and convenience of QR codes – a scanned launching point you can find right on the programmed Digital Smart Labels™ – which will lead you to a new recipe and provide libation inspiration while you’re in store. But that’s just the beginning…

How about adding additional, relevant information to the label? No problem! Imagine we are now in a wine store or the spirits section, reading the Digital Smart Labels™ on the shelf and deciding what wine and dish might pair best. Adding valuable product specifications on the label is a welcome departure for consumers who have perhaps chosen the wrong bottle of wine more than once. Imagine adding the notes of a vintage to the shelf label; anything from flavour intensity, sugar, acidity, sweetness, body could be included on the label to help your buyer make an informed decision. Scan a QR code on the tag to find a suggested appetizer/meal recipe to round out your perfect pairing.

Using NFC tags in stores is another incredible information carrier. Simply tap on the tag to instantly receive informative data on the product of interest, or compare products/price points with the option of adding items to an online cart. Additionally, digital signage with NFC tags can lead the user to download all in-store promotions, provide the choice to join a newsletter or to leave a product or business review.

Digital Smart Labels™ are engaging and enhance the customer’s experience at the shelf and beyond. To learn more about how you can benefit from this technology, please visit