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Technology behind Digital Smart Labels™

By septiembre 2, 2021No Comments

Digital Smart Label

Do you ever look back at automation and how far technology has come? An article from Retail Insider titled
Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology to Entirely Change the Retail Shopping Experience in Canada: Interview with ‘Retail Prophet’ Doug Stephens mentions, “The digital age. It could be argued that its development began nearly three quarters of a century ago when Alan Turing created the Automatic Computing Engine – a digital computer with memory and the capacity to store information. And it’s commonly accepted that its progress was hastened by the Silicon Valley revolution of the 1980s which yielded such inventions as the Internet and laid the groundwork for the birth of mobile devices, social networks, big data, and computing clouds.”

The advancement of technology has been on an uphill climb for quite some time now. With new digital tools being implemented regularly and everywhere, automation is more prevalent than ever, and if you are like us, then you probably are very curious as to how it all works! For example, what is e-paper? What is the difference between RF and Infrared? How does our software integrate with existing technology?

These questions, along with many more, are important when it comes to having a better understanding of the digital age, technology, software, smart trends and Digital Smart Labels™. 

Digital Smart Labels™ 101

The technological design aspects of our Digital Smart Labels™are simple, interesting and informative. In order to understand the benefits of this digital tool and its implementation within retail and other workplaces, it’s just as essential to be understanding and aware of the technology behind it. 


Let’s start with the basics! Digital Smart Labels™are micro e-paper displays which enable consistent pricing, operational efficiency and dynamic marketing. Although you might understand these benefits, you also might be wondering what e-paper is? This innovative type of display is electronic ink technology which functions by producing a low-power paper-like display for e-readers. 

Our labels, in other words, are comprehensive devices which showcase a bitmap content through high resolution e-paper display. The pricing and/or product information visible on the display is a bitmap which is formed through pixels forming a grid together. Each pixel within the image embodies its own colour data. So, how do you enhance an image? Simple-either play with the colour intensity variation of each and every pixel or increase the size of the grid! 


 Our Danavation developed software powers Digital Smart Labels™ through a Basestation. The same software has three layers to itself including Data, Design and Logic. Once it is integrated with an existing POS or ERP system, the Digital Smart Labels™ get updated via our sub-1GHz frequency through the system. Overall, our Basestation is in the role of a messenger or transceiver which enables bilateral communication with the labels themselves. 

In most cases, Digital Smart Labels™ require one access point which is able to cover about 7,000 square feet. With a range like that, there’s no need to worry about delays or uneven coverage, as both speed and coverage will function at 100% simultaneously. The configuration of the software also provides options to retailers and businesses alike. Pricing and product information updates can be controlled through HQ and individual store levels as this depends on the preference of our customers.  


No need to doubt security, as our Digital Smart Labels™ are the brains and the beauty of this latest innovation. Due to the simplicity of the installation process with our QuickSync™ technology, our motto is to reduce the requirements for IT resources. Hence, the software works efficiently with CSV, Excel, database queries, FTP, API, as well as email attachments and pdf’s. After importing files/data, our system solely updates the necessary information, while the rest gets disposed of. 

 In the meantime, with the combination of multi-factor user authentication and both upstream and downstream data encryption, we, alongside our customers, rely on employing a variety of security measures in order to upkeep a top level of security, privacy and confidentiality. 

The Fun Stuff

Now that we have a better idea of how Digital Smart Labels™ work behind the scenes, the fun part is the visual component! With the colour display of black, yellow, red and white (coming soon), the advanced colour e-paper is able to showcase and display 32,000 colours via a colour filter assembly with 200-300 PPI. 

Besides the array of colour options available, our Digital Smart Labels™ are capable of displaying a variety of images, fonts, languages, barcodes and QR codes. The creativity is endless, enabling you to customize prices and product information in real time. 

Transforming the Retail Experience 

This new wave of automation and digital information gives a competitive edge and raises the level of the retail experience. Another brief article from Retail Insider titled White Paper Discusses How Technology Will Redefine the Future of Work in Retail discusses, “Workplaces are changing in many ways as new retailers enter the market and seek to innovate in order to gain market share at the expense of competitors. Technology is also transforming the future of retail — Artificial Intelligence, ‘big data’ and machine learning are creating a new workforce and, ultimately, a happier customer.” 

Today, the shopping experience your customer goes through is one of the most essential factors when it comes to the success and profitability of your retail business. Retail automation is enabling a simpler and faster shopping experience where your customers are able to rely on efficiency and convenience day to day.  

Digital Smart Labels™ have only just begun to transform the retail experience. As we help increase operational efficiencies and productivity, we are saving retailers their time and money! The automation clock keeps ticking, and it’s never too late to join the Digital Smart Labels™ force! Invest in your retail future today, and get in touch with us!