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Digital Smart Labels™: Your all around solution

By juillet 30, 2021No Comments

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One of the biggest advantages of technology today is its universal feature of adaptability. An article from Retail Insider titled White Paper Discusses How Technology Will Redefine the Future of Work in Retail mentions, “…how technology is redefining jobs, capabilities, and expectations…”.

What role does digital technology play in today’s world? Besides the benefits of lower labour costs, improved customer experiences, operational efficiency, and dynamic pricing in the retail industry, Digital Smart Labels™ have many other advantages to offer. Although Digital Smart Label™ features are predominantly designed to help retailers improve how business is done on a daily basis, those same features are very much applicable within different industries and divisions. Keep reading to discover how this digital tool might accelerate your technological transformation in a variety of ways. 

Digital Smart Labels™ 101

If you are unfamiliar with the retail advantage of digital price tags, our Digital Smart Labels™ can help you eliminate the mundane task of manually changing and updating prices. In addition to being paperless and embracing sustainability, they allow you to optimize your workflow, guarantee accuracy in pricing for your customers, and increase engagement overall. This helps you stay competitive as you improve customer experience which will keep those same customers coming back again and again. 

Enter Digital Smart Label™ versatility

While the benefits of Digital Smart Labels are widely known in the retail sector, you may be wondering how Digital Smart Labels™ might be the right tool for your business. Let’s elaborate on this! 

Since Digital Smart Labels™ can feature any text and almost any image you desire, they can be used for a variety of applications, such as wall-art descriptions, visitor name tags, hospital charts, corporate office signage, and even promotional boards.

Adding a digital spin to wall art

How many times have you noticed an art piece at a restaurant, venue, reception area, or office and wanted to know more about it? Imagine that same art piece had a compact label beside it with its name, the artist’s name, and a QR code that would lead you to where you might get more information about it or even purchase it! In this case, no need to imagine, as our Digital Smart Labels™ are capable of exactly that. 

With an easy install and update process, Digital Smart Labels™ can be placed almost anywhere and feature whatever description you desire. After all, an informative yet concise description is that finishing element that pulls the space together, and adding a digital element to the mix will further entice curious individuals. 

No more paper name tags 

When it comes to traditional visitor name tags, once the tag is made, there isn’t really an option to change or update it. Why not skip this generic element and upgrade to a visitor name tag powered by Digital Smart Labels™? With a clear, plastic badge holder, you could insert a Digital Smart Label™ inside and portray whatever you want on it in any font, colour, and design imaginable.

And with their ability to update in real time, set up is extremely easy—just input the name of the current visitor through the POS system and watch the label update in no time. Personalized, innovative, and fun all in one.

Transforming healthcare 

Due to the unforeseen circumstances throughout this past year, the healthcare industry accelerated its digital transformation to accommodate the sudden influx of COVID patients and the new processes mandated to deal with them.

While navigating these new rules and regulations was hard enough, think about all the extra paperwork that needed to be filled out, entered into the system, and presented on the chart for one patient alone. Digital Smart Labels™ can help eliminate the slow and multi-step process with just a few clicks. 

With the option of choosing a label size that works best for your needs, the Digital Smart Label™ can be easily installed in no time. Once it’s integrated with the hospital’s ERP system, you can control and transfer necessary patient information, filter what needs to be shown, and use the Digital Smart Label™ as an efficient tool in place of a traditional chart. This helps eliminate the potential for human error while ultimately improving accuracy, accessibility, and speed of accessing important patient information and facts. 

Modernize corporate office signage

Remember those boring office and boardroom signs where you would have to write down, erase, write down and erase again? Modern businesses require modern solutions, and writing on a whiteboard can become a thing of the past thanks to Digital Smart Labels™.

At our corporate headquarters, we have installed Digital Smart Labels™ throughout our entire building. With the click of a button, employees can update their meetings and times at which they are scheduled, and personalize the label to show their name and position within the company. 

Take your marking to the next level

To tie Digital Smart Labels™ back to the retail industry, their capabilities go beyond pricing—they can be used for marketing promotions, events, and even holidays. Halloween time? No problem! Input a fun image to display onto the Digital Smart Label™ and promote the ‘trick or treat’ celebration within your area of business. Visual aspects in retail contribute a lot to the customer’s experience, and vivid colours and interesting imagery will grab attention and engage customers. Furthermore, you can update the label to showcase any sale promotion or additional information you are trying to share.

Explore more digital possibilities

Technology has definitely kept us on our toes. Time continues to fly by and we keep noticing the many new components we have become accustomed to. Sometimes, we might even question how we did things before digitization.

An insightful article from Harvard Business Review titled Collaborative Intelligence: Humans and AI Are Joining Forces reports, “Never before have digital tools been so responsive to us, nor we to our tools. While AI will radically alter how work gets done and who does it, the technology’s larger impact will be in complementing and augmenting human capabilities, not replacing them.”

Overall, Digital Smart Labels™are here to simplify your processes and accelerate tedious tasks to improve productivity and efficiency. With an array of options available, Digital Smart Labels™ can be applied and used throughout many different categories. Want to find out more about what Digital Smart Labels™could offer you? Contact us today to see how our solution can optimize your industry and competitiveness.