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Enhance your products with Digital Smart Labels™

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Digital Smart Label

Over the last couple of years and especially over the course of the last year, consumer shopping habits and behaviours have been rapidly changing. While incorporating technology and embracing automation has become essential within the retail industry, how you communicate with consumers is becoming more important each and every day.

In such a competitive retail landscape, retailers must find new and dynamic ways to visually merchandise while simultaneously improving the customer experience on a daily basis. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is by enhancing the perception of products.

Un article de Brands and Manufacturers Lose Without Digital, poses a question, “…in today’s information era. What are you doing to ensure your product or brand is top-of-mind when consumers do their research?”

One way retailers can adapt to consumer preferences and make their shopping experience fun and informative is by implementing the use of Digital Smart Labels™ within their stores. The features of our digital tool can help retailers re-imagine and re-invent their sales floor to better attract customers and encourage them to make that purchase, again and again. Let’s explore these digital features and help you redesign the retailer-consumer interaction.

Modernizing the retail industry

Digital Smart Labels™ are an innovative solution for retailers and brands alike to bring their product to life. Powered by cutting-edge automation technology, they can be used as a tool to highlight important information about a certain product, while helping it stand out. 

Not only can Digital Smart Labels™ modernize your shelves, but they can help increase sales. An article from Canadian Grocer titled Boosting Booze Sales states, “… grocers can be strategic about product placement and promotions, building out adjacent selections for related merchandise.”  Most retailers are familiar with cross-selling, but with Digital Smart Labels™, gone are the days of having to pre-plan signage or other promotional materials ahead of time to do so.

Entice your customers 

Between the easy installation process and ability to update information instantly in real time, retailers can spend more time on merchandising and coming up with an effective product strategy to entice consumers.  For example, the same article mentioned above from Canadian Grocer discusses the changing shopping habits of consumers when it comes to alcohol. This change in data from April 2020 to March 2021 showcases that people are choosing and buying their alcohol products in different ways. 

Today, consumers are interested in purchasing good alcohol pairings with whatever occasion they are buying for. For example, you are having sushi for dinner tonight; do you opt for light beer or a dry and crisp white wine? There is variety to your options, and Digital Smart Labels™ could help retailers present interesting info as aforementioned, to their consumers with just a few clicks. 

Features unloaded 

One of the biggest advantages of implementing Digital Smart Labels™ in-store is that they can be customized to display any font, image, or QR code.

 With them, retailers can:

  • Upload almost any image depending on the size of the desired label and occasion
  • Choose from a variety of font options to enhance product information via interactive signage
  • Shift and adapt the visual presentation on a label in real time with just one click
  • Place them anywhere in-store 

Through these features, retailers can tap into their inner creative when it comes to product advertising or cross promotion. Whether you want to present alcohol/food pairings through an image on the label, announce a limited-time offer and/or promotion, or simply highlight an upcoming holiday, all can be done in an instant without having to work with a marketing team to create physical collateral.

Digital Smart Labels™ also come in a variety of different sizes, and can be customized upon request. This, along with the option of having different colours, interesting fonts and a variety of images, customers will be better informed and more likely to make that purchase. Shopping nowadays is all about the experience, and what better way to amplify that than by presenting your product in a fun and interactive manner.

Give life to your products

Following and adapting to consumer preferences is key to retail success. Communication is everything, and the presentation of your product is an important element of the retailer-customer interaction and overall relationship. And there’s no denying that active and colourful options give vibrancy and life to any product. 

Digital Smart Labels™ could help you adapt to these consumer habits and trends at an accelerated pace while boosting your competitive edge. So why not add some colour and personality to your products? Call Danavation today and find out how to get started.