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How going digital can create a more sustainable future

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Have you ever considered the effect of digital technology on our environment? As global environmental concerns rise, digital technology is being called on more and more to help create a more sustainable world.

Un article de Amid COVID-19, Consumers Still Care About Sustainability. How Can Canadian Retailers Respond states, “71% of consumers were already factoring the environment into their purchase decisions in 2019. That number jumped to 78% in March 2020—and then jumped again to 83% just one month later. Even during a pandemic, consumers care about sustainability.”

While many retailers have already begun pushing sustainability-marketed products, many have yet to become environmentally sustainable themselves. An easy way to do so? Ditching traditional paper labels and opting for e-paper technology such as Digital Smart Labels. From its 10-year battery life to energy-efficient application, Digital Smart Labels™ can help your business go green and digital, while minimizing waste and emissions. 

What is digital sustainability?

Digital sustainability can be described as technological implementations which contribute to the safe and stable ecological global actions and goals. Sustainable business practices can impact economic and social growth in positive ways and help support ecological balance.

By encouraging sustainable development, we can strive towards creating a more green world by fighting our changing climate, eliminating extensive deforestation, cutting carbon dioxide emissions, avoiding overconsumption, and reducing waste.

Today’s concerns

Last month, a photo of a massive old-growth tree being hauled on Vancouver Island went viral, sparking outrage online and across Canada. It’s events like this that spark global conversations about current environmental concerns and lack of action. 

So why wait to hear more negative news about what’s harming our environment, and instead, let’s do something to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Take action with Digital Smart Labels™

Have you ever thought of how many trees are cut down just to make paper price tags? It takes 6% of a tree to make 500 pieces of paper, and for retailers with thousands of labels, this number  adds up fast. Switching to e-paper technology like Digital Smart Labels™ allows users to minimize their carbon footprint by eliminating paper use entirely. Even better, Digital Smart Labels™ only consume power while updating—allowing you to save costs on electricity as well.

With modern energy-efficient applications and tools, your business can save money, energy, and time all the while protecting the environment. Let’s not wait once a year for Earth Day or a reminder in the media to help protect our planet. Why not embrace today’s technology and help your business evolve today? Give us a call to learn more about how you can help change the world for the better with Digital Smart Labels™.