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Metro Inc. plans to install electronic shelf labels in 99 stores

By August 16, 2019April 13th, 2023No Comments

According to the Ottawa Business Journal, Metro Inc. will fast-track adding technology tools, including self-checkouts and electronic shelf labels, to its stores in a transformation that will help to lower labour costs, the grocer’s chief executive said Wednesday.

Metro also plans to install electronic shelf labels, which can digitally display and change prices, in 32 stores this year and 67 more stores next year.

“We are accelerating because the financial returns are better,” CEO Eric La Fleche said during a conference call with analysts after the company released its third-quarter financial results.

“The combination of factors that are motivating us to speed it up: because they’re addressing business needs, customer needs and providing decent returns.”

Improvements in the technology are helping to drive its costs down, La Fleche said. Such technology allows for better productivity, so Metro can reduce some employee hours as well as use it to fill gaps in areas where it is difficult to find employees, he added.

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