Word From the CEO

March 2021

CEO and Founder at Danavation

Disrupting beyond the shelf

It’s been another busy month here at Danavation. We’re disrupting the market with our revolutionary solutions and getting noticed for it. But today, I want to talk about the technology that started it all—Digital Smart Labels™—and how they’re reimagining different industries. Right now, many of you probably associate Digital Smart Labels™ with automating pricing and product information in-store. While this is true at a base level, our solution has the power to do so much more. 


And this power isn’t limited to retail and grocery; in fact, the capabilities of Digital Smart Labels™ extend to other sectors as well. Healthcare facilities and long-term care homes can use them to safely store, display, and access patient information. Logistics and manufacturing companies can use them to automate tedious workflows. Animal services can use them to digitize their records and ease the adoption process. Even the military can use them to simplify complex supply chains and maintenance programs. The possibilities are truly endless. I’m excited and grateful to have the opportunity to implement our solution across so many different industries that are ripe for disruption, and as always, I can’t wait to share with you the results.

John Ricci