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Digital or Die: Transforming healthcare with Digital Smart Labels™

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Digital Smart Label Healthcare

Technology is transforming the healthcare industry. From the way we access and receive care, to cutting-edge technologies that have eradicated deadly diseases, constant innovation has been key to revolutionizing and propelling healthcare forward. While enhancing patient care, investing in state-of-the-art equipment, and moving towards electronic health records are the top priorities for many healthcare institutions, the industry as a whole still lags when it comes to digitization.

There’s absolutely no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing healthcare into the digital world faster than anticipated. As mentioned by Canada Health Infoway, almost two-thirds of patient visits with primary care providers are now virtual. Collectively, the healthcare industry can—and should—do more. But surprisingly, it isn’t the unwillingness to accept technology that’s holding it back. As reported by McKinsey, “The three barriers to digital most mentioned by leaders in the pharmaceutical and medical-technology industry were culture and mind-set, organizational structure, and governance.”

But with the right solution—like our Digital Smart Labels™—these barriers can be broken. 

Digital Smart Labels™ in a healthcare setting

Imagine walking through a patient care wing of a hospital. Beside each door, you see a dry erase board with a patient’s name, and inside the room you see file folders and clipboards stacked with papers. Seems a bit archaic for the 21st century, doesn’t it? Not only is collecting and reviewing information this way very outdated, but it’s also prone to human error. 

Digital Smart Labels™  resolve this problem by offering a secure, yet innovative solution for healthcare and long-term care facilities to safely store, display, and access information. With a click of a button, medical professionals can update and easily retrieve patient data, such as life-threatening allergies, dietary requirements, and other critical information in real time—with peace of mind knowing it will always be accurate.

Because Digital Smart Labels™ use electrophoretic ink (more commonly known as e-ink) to display information, they are fail-safe compared to other types of digital signage. For example, if there’s a power outage or surge, the most recent information updated on the label would still be visible—unlike other digital screens—which is crucial in a healthcare setting. E-ink displays also don’t emit any light like LCD digital screens do, so when used in patients’ rooms, they won’t disturb sleep.

Where can Digital Smart Labels™ be used?

Dudley Fetzer, Licensed Administrator at Palomar Vista Healthcare Center in California, realized the positive benefits of implementing Danavation’s technology in medical institutions. He said, “I recently entered the healthcare field, and noticed the need for dynamic name plates outside of the rooms—especially with the volume of residents changing rooms and new admissions to the hospital as of late. E-ink came to mind because it’s easily powered, has a high resolution, and can be changed wirelessly, making it easy to retrofit.”

Along with a system that’s fail-safe, accurate, and quick to update, the application of e-ink displays themselves are extensible. Smaller sized labels are perfect for door signage and patient charts, while larger labels are ideal for displaying wayfinding and information required through regulations such as menus, nursing hours, and hospital-wide announcements—the possibilities are truly endless. 

Most importantly, Digital Smart Labels™ can be integrated within any institution’s existing IT platform, meaning healthcare facilities (especially those operating on a tight budget) do not need to worry about overhauling their systems to accommodate our technology. And on top of that, they are secured with military-grade AES encryption—ensuring all data is protected and giving patients peace of mind that their personal information is always safe.


Every day, the world is becoming a more digital place. And while the healthcare system as a whole isn’t going to transform overnight, there’s no better way to start than by implementing electronic shelf labels. Contact us to learn more about how Digital Smart Labels™ can help move your organization forward.