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Elevate your in-store experience with Digital Smart Labels™

By mayo 7, 2021No Comments

digital smart label on shelf

It’s no secret that within the last decade the world has gone through a major digital transformation. An article from the Retail Insider titled Technology and the Future of Canadian Retailing mentions, “there’s no doubt about it that the 21st century has taken a big step toward the digital advancements.” 

Moreover, the year of 2020 and frequent lockdowns on a global scale have pushed many businesses and consumers into fast-tracked digitalization. As a result, it became that much more essential for business owners to digitize their in-store experience.

Bringing retail to the digital age

As the innovation of technology consistently progresses, it reshapes our world and the way we communicate. According to an article from Retail Insider titled Brands and Manufacturers Lose Without Digital, “…having an informational digital presence is essential for manufacturers and brands for consumers who are looking up information on their product while in a store.” This is where an automation solution such as  Digital Smart Labels™ can improve the communication between a business and its consumer. 

Whether you are a retailer or a consumer, visuals matter, and in today’s digital world, appealing to tech-savvy consumers can make a significant difference in winning them over.  Presenting product information through a customized digital format like Digital Smart Labels™ can help drive and increase sales, all the while being a source of information for customers.

Quick, simple, and easy? Tell me more

Any retailer understands the hassle behind managing product inventory, price and product updates, and temporary promotions—especially during seasonal sales. With those hassles comes manual counting, switching of labels, and hundreds of hours spent on something that will need to be adjusted or swapped out completely once again. What if this can all be simplified with just a touch of a button? 

Enter Digital Smart Labels™, a flexible solution that displays product and pricing information, and in tandem, helps elevate your marketing strategy. We already know that a successful marketing strategy will effectively promote and sell your product, so why not try something innovative to enhance those efforts?

Digital Smart Labels™ integrate seamlessly with any POS system, and once installed, can be customized with any font, QR code, and/or image desired. This allows retailers to align them not only with their seasonal marketing tactics, but also their brand.  

Finally, they also eliminate any price discrepancies or mislabelling that can lead to customer complaints or having to honour the wrong price—something every business aspires to avoid.

Set your business up for success

A satisfied customer is your best strategy for a successful business. The clearer the communication between the two parties, the sooner you will gain a competitive advantage. In the meantime, your retail space is your selling ground, therefore why not make it an engaging yet simple experience? 

If you are still wondering how the flexibility of Danavation’s technology will help you engage consumers with your marketing strategy, consider the essential elements that make our Digital Smart Labels™ worth it. From the display variety of numerous images, fonts and colours, to quick and simple updates and the ease of installation, you will be spending much less time updating your labels and much more time building relationships with your customers and boosting your sales.

Modernizing is the way of the future, so don’t be left behind and contact Danavation today to learn more.