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Innovating in time for the holidays

By octubre 29, 2021No Comments

Digital Smart Label on peghook

Innovation in the simplest terms refers to implementing ideas and concepts in order to achieve a result of improved goods or services. Whether it is a completely new introduction or a sole refinement of something already existing, innovating in today’s day and age is beyond necessary.

With the mix of technological evolution and the new shopping habits post-pandemic, retailers around the world have had to adapt, and quickly! COVID has definitely affected businesses and shopping experiences throughout, to the point where going about it how we used to simply wasn’t an option. In order to stay in business, it became a requirement to adapt to change consistently. And so, most of us did. 

With new digital tools, contact-less operations, and new precautionary measures, retailers are trying to climb back up and remain competitive. Our Digital Smart Labels™ have just enough of an edge to help you achieve that and more!

Why now

Out with the old and in with the new has been the motto for quite some time lately. An article from Canadian Grocer titled Adaptability and empathy. Industry leaders reflect on the bright spots of COVID explains, “The impact of COVID-19 has been widespread and though it has been a challenging time, it has brought about some positive changes in the way the industry operates and its treatment of employees.” 

The traditional way of operating a retail business has accelerated its improvement very quickly. Although the overall changes might have come as a shock at first, to many retailers it was a window of opportunity towards innovation. The way in which businesses operate and what customers expect and look for has shifted completely. 

Many manual tasks have turned into automated operations, proving that tasks can be completed much faster and more efficiently. For example, the mundane task of updating product information and pricing can now be transformed via our Digital Smart Labels™. Moreover, a task that used to take multiple hours and many hands-on-deck can now be completed successfully with just a remote click of a button in real-time. 

How we innovate

At Danavation, our goal is to never stop innovating. Our Digital Smart Labels™ have a 10-year battery life span, are controlled via a Basestation, are sustainable, and bring a variety of beneficial features to any retailer and business. From helping retailers and head office optimize their workflow to guaranteeing accuracy in pricing and increasing engagement with customers, Digital Smart Labels™ are designed to digitize your space while strengthening brand loyalty and longevity. 

Modernizing retail spaces is what we do, and with the implementation of our digital tool within your workplace, you will be able to save both time and money. It’s an innovative investment helping you stay competitive today and tomorrow. 

Trick or treat

It’s already halfway through October, and before you know it Halloween weekend will be here! As customers, we look forward to finding a fun costume and buying lots of chocolate and candy. Most of us might even be excited about the sale and clearance sections of all the sweets come November 1st!

How do retailers ensure to update their pricing and present a variety of products on sale to their customers as quickly and accurately as possible? With the quick installation of Digital Smart Labels™ within your store, you can update your product prices before opening your store doors the day after Halloween! It’s that easy!

Shortening the time it takes to update pricing can be a huge relief during this busy season. Considering that this is the first somewhat back-to-normal holiday shopping season post-pandemic, it’s important that everything runs smoothly and effectively. 

2021 shopping

According to an article from BNN Bloomberg titled ‘Freaking high’ demand will be retailers’ saving grace for holidays: ex-HBC CEO, “The consumer has been on fire.”

The year 2020 has forever changed our shopping habits and experiences. People are more inclined to spend money and they want to shop. With that being said, people want an easy and simple shopping experience. Automation and digital tools have a lot to do with that factor. With a lot of shopping to make up for, retail stores must be prepared for the busy flow of foot traffic about to commence if it hasn’t already. 

Besides price updates, our Digital Smart Labels™ have other uses as well. The larger-sized labels are perfect for promotions! Highlight a specific section by displaying a creative promotion to engage customers. With the use of QR codes, retailers can come up with creative ideas to connect with their customers. Newsletter/email sign-ups, promotion links, and retail marketing are just some of the simple ways to interact with your customers. 

Innovate or be gone

It’s pretty obvious that innovation is essential at the moment. In order to thrive in the present and progress in the future, it’s important to catch up and automate. Forbes’ article titled The Innovation Retail Needs says, “Brands that don’t innovate will not succeed in retail.” and “Your store needs to be about your customer, not your product…A physical store isn’t a billboard; it’s a place designed to provide real value to your customers an — experience that will make them want to talk about the brand.”

Transforming the in-store shopping experience can be easy as 1, 2, 3! With the assistance and implementation of our Digital Smart Labels™, your employees and daily store operations can be better focused on each and every customer that walks through your doors. By minimizing the time spent on manually changing prices and printing out promotions, you could be able to better allocate tasks and time spent on them. Did we mention that customers are for sustainability? This feature of Digital Smart Labels™ ensures the customer receives accurate information and service while providing a big green step for our planet. 

What are you waiting for? It’s never too late to get in touch and find out why Digital Smart Labels™ are your latest solution!