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Strengthening your brand with Digital Smart Labels™

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Digital Smart Labels at LCBO

Every business knows branding is essential for success. A brand promotes recognition. It differentiates you from your competitors. But most importantly, it’s the essence of who you are. And in today’s digital world, being able to effectively communicate your brand’s promise to consumers in a way they can relate to is important now more than ever.

Un artículo de Retail Insider titulado  COVID Crisis Driving Need for Digital Retail Acceleration and Deeper Customer Engagement: Study confirms that, “What it’s resulted in is a consumer who wants to engage with their favourite brands in different ways than they have in the past, and they want those brands to respond accordingly. It provides retailers with massive opportunities to listen to their customers and innovate to meet their demands.” 

Every time a consumer interacts with a product, it’s a chance to build brand loyalty. 

Digital touchpoints at the shelf, like Digital Smart Labels™, offer another opportunity for brands to tell their story and connect with consumers, helping to strengthen engagement, build loyalty, and gain trust. 

Digital storytelling via Digital Smart Labels™

Digital storytelling is an excellent way to improve brand affinity. The same article  mentioned above also states that, “…the ways in which today’s connected customer wants to engage with businesses has transformed. It’s disrupting all of the norms and forcing businesses everywhere to rethink the ways they communicate with their customers, both existing and prospective, at every touchpoint.”

Etiquetas digitales inteligentes enable retailers to display text, images, logos, QR codes, ratings, and even reviews, giving brands a unique opportunity to tell their story on the shelf.  

Curious how something as plain as a QR code could build engagement with a consumer?  Through a quick camera scan, they can bring a product to life through interactive media like videos or a landing page with more relevant product information. This type of innovation engages customers on a deeper level, making them more likely to make a purchase time and time again.

Browse, purchase, and build loyalty

The better the shopping experience, the more likely customers will keep coming back. While brick-and-mortar retailers may have found new and innovative ways to engage with consumers in-store, the rise of e-commerce has created a new problem for retailers: showrooming.

Showrooming refers to customers physically entering a store to see a product before buying it (often elsewhere) online. By implementing automation tools like Digital Smart Labels, retailers can ensure that prices match the ones consumers are seeing online. Plus, they can also be used to educate consumers on products on-shelf—eliminating the need for consumers to look up information on other platforms while they’re shopping.

Not only does this help eliminate showrooming, but it also gives retailers an opportunity to build a more cohesive brand experience for their customers— therego building long-term loyalty. 

Gain trust through accuracy 

A brand is a promise to consumers. And part of that promise includes having a consistent pricing strategy. While choosing the price for a product is not always at the hands of the retailer, ensuring the right price is on the shelf always is.

Part of a successful customer experience is being able to provide accurate pricing and product information. Automation solutions like Digital Smart Labels™ easily integrate with any existing ERP or POS system to allow retailers to update information at a touch of a button, ensuring that prices always match the product on-shelf and display the right price.

By setting the precedent for consumers that a product’s information is reliable and prices reflective of current market sales and/or trends, retailers are able to further gain consumer trust and keep them coming back.

A better way of communicating

Every brand has the opportunity to perform successfully in the market, however, it is the delivery of the brand’s message that can ultimately determine whether or not it will result in a sale. Building and maintaining customer trust is more important than ever, and in today’s digital world leveraging every customer touchpoint to tell your brand story is a must. Contact us today to learn more about how our Digital Smart Labels™ can help.