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The future of convenience stores: Digital Smart Labels™

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Digital Smart Labels Convenience Store

A convenience store. The name says it all. The nature of their businesses highlights the fact that these stores are convenient, which explains the steady revenue they generate. In fact, two-thirds of consumers are visiting convenience stores at least once a week. Besides the variety of products available within one, and the convenient locations, they also save time for a regular busy consumer while driving economic activity.

How else could convenience stores improve their business on a daily basis? Digital Smart Labels™ can elevate their pricing strategy and as a result, modernize the overall retail experience. Let’s review a few benefits of Digital Smart Labels™ and how this automation tool can streamline operations and keep consumers coming back consistently. 

Save time

One of the most beneficial aspects of implementing Digital Smart Labels™ is that it allows retailers to save time. The manual labour behind pricing products and updating the system is time-consuming and tedious, especially for convenience stores with few staff members. As a result, convenience store owners will often opt for a price gun and have to adjust the prices product by product. This process slows down staff and the ability to pull-in consumers faster with new prices. 

Through a quick and convenient install process, Digital Smart Labels™ integrate seamlessly with existing POS systems to enable swift price updates and/or changes in real time. A simple click of a button replaces the tedious task of manually updating prices, saving time for employees and providing owners with an automated pricing and promotional strategy that is more agile than ever.

Ensure consistency 

According to an article from Convenience Store News titled Viewing C-stores Through a Pandemic Lens, “What makes for a positive shopping experience? The number one factor is the price of products.” 

Consistency in pricing is essential, especially for convenience store owners who might have more than one location. Customer service is what builds consumer trust and loyalty, and in order to keep them coming back, it’s important to ensure that product prices and updates are consistent from one location to another. 

Consiga precios dinámicos

Convenience store owners rely on current market demands. By doing so, they are able to strategize and be open with product pricing and adjustments needed. This not only drives their profit and revenue, but also keeps consumers coming back as consistent and loyal customers. Digital Smart Labels™ can help in this endeavour by highlighting featured products or sales in real time.

Un artículo de Retail Insider titulado The One Muscle Canadian Retailers Need to Grow, mentions that “…there is a strong correlation between companies that increase their use of digital technology and the impact on revenue and other critical metrics.” As such, relying on a digital format when it comes to product information and pricing can help drive and increase sales, all the while giving you a competitive advantage. 

Transform your convenience store  

Technology and its advancements have increased the speed at which things are done and completed. A convenience store is a quick in-and-out visit, therefore any digital tool that speeds up the shopping experience and overall process is of benefit to both the consumer and the business owner. With Digital Smart Labels™ you could be modernizing the in-store shopping experience while accelerating the transaction process. It’s a win-win for both parties involved. If you are interested in higher productivity, reliability and flexibility, automation is the way to go. Embrace the tech-savvy consumer and update your business by giving us a call today!