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Thriving in the age of automation

By mayo 18, 2021No Comments

Although technological advancements and digital solutions have been progressing for some time, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted just how fast technology can rapidly change to adjust to the times. And if one good thing came out of 2020, it’s that it pushed many organizations to accelerate their digital transformation—especially the adoption of automation technologies. 

Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity—not a threat.” A primary concern for many is that automation in the workplace and technological  expansion could potentially eliminate jobs. In spite of this popular belief,  automation can in fact prove to be of benefit as opposed to detriment.

The pandemic has affected the economy in various ways, which is why now more than ever, it is that much more essential to try and steer economic growth in the right direction through digitization.  An article from the Retail Insider titled How Canadian Retailers Can Start Preparing for 2030 states, “it’s time to look forward, and while forecasting is never easy, I’d suggest Canadian businesses be as well-prepared and as ambitious as its Olympians in harnessing the changes in technology to better serve their customers.”

By adapting digital and technological adjustments, such as Digital Smart Labels™,  employers can sustain productivity and labour, better allocate their resources, and reduce operational costs. But most importantly, it can eliminate mundane tasks for employees—allowing them to focus their time and skills on the things that matter.

Increase productivity

With traditional paper labels, employees are often spending hours, if not days, manually changing and adjusting pricing and product information. More often than not, this task takes time away from the sales floor and completing other in-store duties. Opting for an automation solution like Digital Smart Labels eliminates this task entirely and can increase productivity levels overall.

Setting up micro e-paper displays is quick and easy. Once they are integrated with your existing ERP or POS system, they can update and adjust pricing and promotions remotely through our Basestation with just a click of a button. This gives employees more time back in a day, and allows employers to better manage their labour force and delegate responsibilities more efficiently.

Better allocate resources 

One of the biggest concerns people have when it comes to automation is that it will push them out of a job. But when implementing a digital solution is done with the intent to better allocate resources, the outcome is better for both employees and employers alike.

For employees, automating labels and price updates with Digital Smart Labels™, allows them to focus their efforts on tasks that require more of a human element—like engaging with and being attentive to customers. And for employers, they can rest assured that they have a reliable solution that’s not prone to human error and is guaranteed to update in even the harshest of environments.

Reduce operational costs

Paper labels not only leave a big environmental footprint, but also require retailers to spend more money on labour costs associated with the materials and time invested in printing them. Automation solutions like Digital Smart Labels eliminate these costs entirely, allowing retailers to save time and money while modernizing their place of business.

But this doesn’t mean that employees who were once hired to make these changes will be made redundant; after all, cost-cutting measures doesn’t have to mean cutting employees. If anything, it opens the door for employers to find new, more innovative ways to utilize employees to strengthen their business.

Embracing change

The shift and displacement of jobs due to the automation of traditional parts of work is a fear for many. And this fear is common for us all when we’re faced with something new and unknown. However, it tends to take away from the positives of how implementing automation can benefit a workplace. 

An article from the Retail Insider titled Digital Main Street Forum Supports Businesses Going Through Digital Transformation discusses and emphasizes the importance of “embracing digital technologies to build and grow their business.” Why? Because consistent pricing with remote updates, personalized product promotions, and more can help improve brand engagement and universal customer satisfaction, as well as enable employees to put their efforts towards the bigger picture.

Every day, tech-savvy consumers grow in numbers and more people and companies are adjusting to the digital and automated world. If you and your business would like to explore the possibilities of Digital Smart Labels™ and how this can benefit you, give us a call today to get more information!