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¿Por qué elegir Danavation? Déjanos contarte las razones

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Cuando se trata de automatizar tu empresa, hay numerosos factores a tener en cuenta antes de tomar una decisión. Dar el salto e invertir financieramente para impulsar tu negocio al siguiente nivel implica investigación y hacer las preguntas correctas, así como asegurarse de asociarte con los mejores proveedores de servicios de la industria.

While many may assume that updating their company is just a business transaction, and for some companies it is, that is not the case at Danavation®. We are relationship builders, and this begins with the first client exploratory call and continues long after the installation update is complete. Your company’s success with our Digital Smart Labels™ matters to us. We take pride in our exceptional product, our customer service and we are known in the industry for our integrity. Read on to learn more about what sets Danavation® apart from others in our ever-evolving automation industry.

Ventaja de campo de casa

We at Danavation® are the only Canadian-based provider of electronic shelf labels both founded and grounded in North America. Not only does this give your company homefield account management and service advantages, but also the confidence of knowing that you are partnering with a team that understands your business and the markets you serve. Help your company improve operational efficiencies while reducing your carbon footprint – a multi-level win.

Servicio incomparable

We understand that choosing to automate your company is a big decision and we at Danavation® are committed to making sure your transition from traditional paper pricing to digital pricing is as seamless as possible. We aim to provide a scalable go-to-market strategy that will comprehensively serve your needs. We are committed to full service end-to-end delivery, after sales care and offer best in class service level agreement. This level of service continues to build referrals for our business.

Our customer service – 24 hrs a day, seven days a week – is unmatched in our industry. At Danavation®, you are not just a client we service, your business and a seamless transition to Digital Smart Labels™ is a priority to us. We treat our customers just as we would want to experience ourselves.

Seguridad rigurosa

Development of our hardware and software prioritizes security. More now than ever, you hear of breaches in security or about a cyber attack in the retail industry. This issue can be even more prevalent in those companies who choose to outsource their software or service overseas. Not when you choose Danavation® – we developed our software ourselves and house our servers on site at our head office in Vaughan, Ontario. We integrate quality checks throughout the entire development of the life cycle, drastically reducing both bugs and errors. Ensuring your information and data stays safe is paramount to us, and we take numerous security measures to make certain that it stays that way.

Compromiso con la sostenibilidad

At Danavation®, we are strongly committed to advocating for and striving consistently toward environmental sustainability through significantly reducing our paper use and print waste. Our Digital Smart Labels™ technology saves trees – less paper equates to more sustainable business practices.

When clients choose to automate their outdated paper labelling systems, not only does that significantly reduce the amount of paper used in one single store, but it also has a snowball effect. For every organization that makes the switch from paper labels to Digital Smart Labels™, Danavation® donates to One Tree Planted, a charitable organization whose mission is to help global reforestation efforts. For each deal we close, we donate to one damaged area in the world. Which means, by adopting our technology, you are also making a positive difference to the environment.