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A digital look into the future

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Digital Smart Label shopping

What is the future of marketing, retail, and all the trends that follow it? According to a Retail Insider article titled Podcast [Interview]: Adam Sturrock on The Importance of Agility to the Future of Retail, “Everyone says brick-and-mortar is dying. I say it just has to evolve,” says Adam. Part of that evolution is the device sitting in everyone’s pockets—the smartphone. Everything is already in place, retailers just need to harness the right technology to really connect with their customers and enrich their experiences…”. 

As we have discussed within the last couple of months, digitization has become a must—especially in the world of retail. The traditional way of doing things and completing daily tasks has been overshadowed by the acceleration and efficiency of digital transformation. With that being said, the tech-savvy generation is here to stay and undoubtedly grow. 

Generations of today

Today’s generation lives in a digital world. Millennials and Generation Z, perhaps even a few Baby Boomers rely on their smartphones on a day-to-day basis. It’s our access to the internet, communication platforms, directions, and a variety of other apps which help make our lives simpler. Most of us are evolving with technology and adapting to the new normal with the main source of information being our smartphones. 

The present in which we are in right now is much different than where we were a year ago today. We might not have been aware of how many changes we would have gone through 24 months ago, but here we are, adjusting (and well might we add). With that being said, it’s important to wonder and analyze the possibilities and changes our future might bring. 

Generation Alpha 

Next up is generation Alpha. A blog from Brand24 titled 9 Thoughts About the Future of Marketing goes on to say that generation Alpha is ‘the consumer of tomorrow’ and explains, “(Generation Alpha) will be the most formally educated generation ever, the most technology-supplied generation ever, and globally the wealthiest generation ever…they’re expected to prefer virtual world to the real one. Technology at their disposal will become the extension of themselves.” 

And so, the generation of tomorrow is a virtual, digital, and very technologically powered one. This generation specifically, won’t know much about the mundane and manual tasks many of us have experienced. They understand the click of a button, efficiency, speed in real time and most of all, simplicity. Exactly what our Digital Smart Labels™ entail. 

Digitally smart

We mentioned in the beginning that today’s retailers and employers must tackle and employ the right digital tools to meet customer needs and expectations and overall elevate that customer experience. Digital Smart Labels™ are designed and equipped with a variety of innovative options, enabling businesses and retailers to remain competitive and to keep moving forward. 

Digital Smart Labels™ enable agility and efficiency, as today’s market demands quick and simple solutions. The younger generations are adapted to everything digital, therefore the craving for digitally equipped stores and retail businesses is real. 

Marketing boost

Aside from simplifying retail operations and daily tasks, Digital Smart Labels™ can be your marketing tool. As such, you can engage with customers in a more personalized way while you maneuver towards emerging marketing trends. The evolution of digital marketing will only be seen with time, but we can, however, notice a few changes even now. 

The traditional marketing model circles around the 4Ps:

  • Product
  • Price   
  • Place
  • Promotion

The modern marketing model is introducing the 4Es:

  • Engagement
  • Experience
  • Exclusivity
  • Emotion

The new now

Shopping isn’t just about purchasing a product anymore. Today’s consumer wants an engaging shopping experience that evokes emotion. According to an article from Retail Insider titled The Future of Customer Experience: From CX to HX: The Evolution and What it Means for Marketers writes, “In the future, brands will identify the true value that their products provide, and then use technology to extend that value. They will identify the goals that their customers have, and they will design experiences to support the achievement of these goals.” 

In more ways than one, we are already at that moment. Retailers have the obligation—if they want to remain relevant and competitive—to meet the needs of their customers. How might Digital Smart Labels™ assist with that? Their battery life extends to 10+ years, which allows you to focus on the presentation of labels themselves and not their longevity. In addition, with an array of options when it comes to their ability to display any image, font, language, barcode, or QR code, our Digital Smart Labels™ can be personalized and applied to emphasize a variety of marketing tactics. 

Future success

The aforementioned article states, “If you want to stay up to date with AI in marketing, you should familiarize yourself with a term called martech. Martech refers to the connection between marketing and technology. In the face of technological development, the role of marketers, apart from the creative one, will require the knowledge and command of tools, most likely, AI-fueled tools.”

Notre mission est de accelerate the adoption of IoT technology, automation and AI driving the transition to smart retail, smart cities and Industry 4.0. As we strive to innovate and consistently develop results, our goal is to help you better connect and interact with your customers. Therefore, wait no more, and give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you power into the future and stay digitally savvy!