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Boosting the customer experience with Digital Smart Labels™

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Digital Smart Labels Customer Experience
Automation and digitization have been prevalent in retail for quite some time. The steady progression of its implementation into the workplace has been a beneficial and necessary mode of business. To stay relevant and competitive, it’s been essential to upgrade and start incorporating digital tools. 

While staying relevant and maintaining a competitive edge are both necessary for a business to survive, how do you stand out amongst so many others? What makes Digital Smart Labels™ the digital tool to take a chance on for your business and success? The answer is simple—our features enable retailers to transform the customer experience and increase in-store engagement, all while unlocking further sales potential.

Un article de In-Store Digital Technology Enhancements to Help Drive New Kind of Retail Engagement in Canada [Feature] ties well into the topic by saying: “…the continuation of retailers’ digital innovation and adoption will be critical in engaging and attracting the interest of today’s tech-savvy consumer.” The race to please customers is real, therefore don’t hesitate and join the accelerated digital force. 

Who benefits from Digital Smart Labels™

You might be wondering whether your retail store should get on this automation wave—and the answer is yes! The average post-pandemic customer has new habits and new expectations when it comes to a shopping experience. Digital tools such as Digital Smart Labels™ meet the needs of today’s modern shoppers while also enabling retailers to improve their operations. Subsequently, improving in-store operations and procedures will lead to saving time and money. 

Whether you are a liquor store, grocery store, hardware store, or pet store, retail is retail and embracing new opportunities and keeping up with technology is a must. With the busy holiday season coming up, Digital Smart Labels™ can get you up to speed in no time. 

Designed to operate through a wireless Basestation and containing a battery life of up to 10 years, our labels are a modern solution that updates information in real time. Changing prices and product information takes a lot of time when done manually, but with Digital Smart Labels™ you can discount or change prices with just a click of a button.  

Moreover, another cool feature is the display itself! By enabling one to upload almost any image desired, you can interact with your customers in a more creative and personalized manner. From promotions, holiday signs, brand advertisements or informative banners, Digital Smart Labels™ can help you visualize and present your ideas in a tangible way. 

Retailing transformed

To earn profits, retailers need a consistent flow of sales. In order to have consistency, every retail space requires loyal customers who come back time and time again. As we are still lingering in the consequences of the pandemic, new expectations have emerged. Customers want a quick and effective shopping experience. And with that comes organization and informative products on shelves with consistent and reliable pricing. 

Because Digital Smart Labels™ update in real time, retailers can upkeep consistency and accuracy much quicker than with the traditional ways. For example, one of the best-selling red wines just went on sale! Customers would love to see that, but how do you ensure the team and employees update all the pricing within the store in a timely manner to catch that sale wave quickly and profit from the influx of sales? This is where simplicity is highlighted via our Digital Smart Labels™. All retailers have to do is be connected through their POS system where prices will be changed accordingly and automatically. Voila! The product goes on sale within seconds, and the mundane task of updating manually is forgotten. 

Digital values

Although customers nowadays want a quick and efficient shopping experience, they also look for an engaging one. With stores and retailers being closed for so long, having the opportunity to shop in-store again is exciting! Therefore, why not engage with your customers on another level and personalize their shopping experience altogether?

Another Retail Insider article titled Five Key Emerging Retail Trends to Watch in 2022 and Beyond reports: “Retailers are also using technology to support the personalized experiences that drive loyalty: personalized assistance, events or classes that help consumers get the most out of their purchases, and access to exclusive offerings are just a few of the ways that retailers can inspire customers and keep them coming back.”

With retail staff spending less time on manual tasks when it comes to pricing and promotions, they have more time to provide customer service and help customers in a meaningful way. By doing so, they’re also able to assist much more efficiently and help create a personalized experience with your brand. 

Customer values

With everything that we’ve all been through these past few years, our values as customers and retailers are shifting. In addition, customers expect and look for better customer service and shopping trips, but they also care about sustainability and the planet. 

At Danavation, we don’t just say that “we’re green” but our Digital Smart Labels™ embody that. We support and stand for environmental sustainability as with the digital tool we work towards reducing paper use and print waste.

One of the biggest problems globally at the moment is deforestation. For companies regularly printing and using paper, we are slowly diminishing the number of trees everywhere. Without trees, we wouldn’t be able to survive, hence the crucial aspect of the many benefits that trees bring to our planet. 

Think about all the paper use within the retail industry. With Digital Smart Labels™, pricing, promotions, informational posters could all be digital and sustainable. Instead of printing new stuff and wasting all of that once it’s done, with our labels you can use the same platform while updating it sustainably. 

Think future

We posed a question above and asked who benefits from Digital Smart Labels™? The actual question is who doesn’t? Both retailers and customers can have much more simplified experiences and operations by efficiently relying on automation and digital tools. So, think like a futurist and take a digital leap. Call Danavation today to learn more!