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Danavation: Canada’s latest trailblazer

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Over 154 years ago, Canada became its own independent nation. Throughout the decades, our country has been home to many innovations and new brands which have grown exponentially within that time. From retail to cosmetics, to fast-food chains, there are a variety of Canadian brands and companies making us very proud to call our nation home.

There is a particular reason as to how many of these well-known brands have had such consistent longevity and success—and that reason is their influence. An article from Nine10 titled Brands Canadians Love…And What We Can Learn From Them discusses the influential aspect behind brands and explains: “It’s got to have “punch,” it’s got to have personality and it’s got to connect with people. In fickle markets where trends come and go, influential brands have staying power.”

At Danavation, that is exactly what we try to do through Digital Smart Labels™. Eliminating manual labour within the retail space and elevating the customer experience allows us to connect with both retailers and consumers. But most importantly, we strive to ensure reliability and efficiency and build long-lasting relationships—allowing us to continuously make a positive impact and maintain consistent influence in the market.

What, when, where and how?

Danavation Technologies Corp.™ was founded in 2018 by our CEO John Ricci. With over three decades of experience within the retail industry, John decided to bring an innovative idea to life right here at our home base. Just as digitization was becoming more and more common, it was time to introduce a digital solution from which tech-savvy retailers and consumers could benefit.

We are a true Canadian-born company and the only provider of electronic shelf labels grounded and founded in North America. Day to day, week to week, and month to month, we strive to make our customers happy and exceed their needs. By modernizing retail spaces we’re enabling retailers to simplify manual processes on which both money and time are spent. With Digital Smart Labels™ installed within your space of business or retail, mundane tasks become a thing of the past. 

Digital Smart Labels™

Digital Smart Labels™ are a great retail advantage as they help eliminate the time-consuming process of manually changing and updating prices. With signature features such as their multi-communication protocol and 10-year battery life, this digital tool enables retailers and management to optimize workflows, guarantee accuracy when it comes to pricing, and increase overall engagement crucial to brand loyalty and longevity. Loyal and satisfied customers keep businesses alive, therefore ensuring that the customer experience is interactive, reliable and simple is critical for success. 

The technology

You might wonder, how do I manage and control so many labels for so many products all at once? Our Digital Smart Labels™ are powered through a Basestation, which serves as the transceiver between the label and control system. The software behind it all integrates with an existing POS or ERP system and updates the labels via a sub-1GHz frequency.

In most cases, our labels require one access point that can cover about 7,000 square feet. Given the range, Digital Smart Labels™ have an even coverage where speed and accuracy function at a high level.

Talking business, eh!

An article from Global News titled Here are our 10 picks for Canada’s greatest brands of all time, states: “National brands are often an integral part of a country’s identity…But made-in-Canada helped to make Canada in a literal sense, as well. It was, after all, the drive of enterprises like the Hudson’s Bay Company that laid some of the foundations for what was to later become the Canadian nation.”

Although our journey is only at the beginning, we are happy to have been able to make an impact in Canada and globally thus far. As we strive to always better our products and services, we never forget some of the greatest Canadian brands and/or innovations still very known and popular to this day. As we keep this patriotic vibe, we’d like to give a shout-out to a few very Canadian brands!

Hudson’s Bay Company

It was May of 1670 when this retail business came about, and it was within the 1970s that it became a Canadian corporation. Founded in London, Hudson’s Bay started off as a fur trading company. Today, in North America, it is possibly one of the oldest companies known! Popular for its growing department stores, Hudson’s Bay is definitely part of the Canadian heritage.

Tim Hortons

There’s not one Canadian that doesn’t know this next name! Tim Hortons is a fast-food restaurant chain based in Toronto, Canada. Known for their coffee and Timbits, Tim Hortons has grown to become a Canadian staple. The name stems from its co-founder,  former Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman Tim Horton. Today, the chain continues to grow and expand, constantly innovating its menu and finding new ways to keep customers happy. 

Canadian Tire

The name stands for itself. Founded in the 1920s, Canadian Tire is famous throughout the country, coast to coast. Did you know the store first began its retail operations by selling tires? Today, you can find many more products than just tires which makes it, as it says on their website: “Humble beginnings. Historic growth.”— a truly Canadian brand, indeed. 

The home team 

Our mission statement circles around the acceleration of automation and technology, but we all know that in the end, it is the relationships you build along the way that build brand longevity, loyalty, and success. Our customers and their consumers are at the top of the list, hence why we keep working hard to maintain a consistent level of efficiency as we continue to build on our Digital Smart Labels™. The age of digitization is already here, and what better way to join in than to start right at home? Call us today to learn more.