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Holiday shopping with Digital Smart Labels™

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In the 1960s hit song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” which is still a popular song to date, Andy Williams sings about the holiday season. Although fall and the beginning of winter do have a particular cozy charm of their own, the most wonderful time of the year can also easily become the most hectic one. With September already hitting our calendars, we can’t help but think of important upcoming dates, holidays and events!

Shopping Experience Post Pandemic 

In the meantime, we have all been dealing with a lot of post-COVID changes and new habits, hence why retailers are rethinking their strategies and tactics for the busy holiday season. An article from Retail Insider titled JLL Consumer Survey Promises Different Kind of Holiday Shopping Season in Canada discusses the impacts of the pandemic and mentions: “Shopping malls may not be as crowded as they usually are this time of year, with their aisleways buzzing and bustling food courts crammed with excited shoppers. And, Main Streets in most urban centres across the country will likely experience a dip in foot traffic and activity as well. However, as most Canadian consumers state an intention to spend the same amount on their holiday shopping as they did last year, the way in which they make their purchases is expected to represent the greatest change to the immensely important upcoming retail shopping season.” 

One way to ease into in-store shopping and experience a face-to-face approach during these unprecedented times is by incorporating technology and simple digital tools that transform retail inside and out. We present Digital Smart Labels™-an innovative digital tool which simplifies retail operations throughout stores. Curious to find out more about this? Keep on reading as we explore how digitization and Digital Smart Labels™in particular, might be the perfect fit for you and your store. 

Holidays with Digital Smart Labels™

The holiday season tends to sneak up on us in the fall after the wonderful months of summer. Many retailers and store owners are already conceptualizing and planning what the next four months will look like and what it will bring to their business in terms of profit. With the negative impact of COVID-19 on a number of retail organizations, the pandemic has made it extremely difficult for many to get back on track and stay competitive during these tough and uncertain times. 

In order to get customers back into stores and keep them coming back, it’s important to emphasize and simplify their shopping experience overall. Nowadays, we all want to be in and out in a swift and efficient manner. Technology has had a lot to do with simplifying the shopping process, making it fast and smooth without any obstacles, also immensely diminishing wait times. This is where our Digital Smart Labels™ come into play. With remote control, a variety of sizes available and a battery of up to 10 years, Digital Smart Labels™ update their displays to your liking and preference, in real time within seconds. Whether you are changing prices, clearing stuff out, or even changing the signage, our labels are there to make that transition as quick and easy as possible. The days of mundane tasks and manual labour are behind us! 

Make it Festive!

Another article from Retail Insider titled A Year-and-a-Half of Disruption and Uncertainty Creating Retail Forecasting Conundrum in Canada: Feature discusses: “It goes without saying that the past 17 months or so have disrupted things, just about everything, in fact, across the entire world…People have always visited physical stores, not just to buy things, but to experience retail as well. It’s fun. It’s interesting. It’s social.”

With that being said and despite the many disruptions, it is definitely time to revamp the shopping experience, interact with customers in a more vibrant way and get people to enjoy the process without the stress! 

One of the coolest aspects of Digital Smart Labels™ is the variety of sizes they come in, the colour options when it comes to the display, and overall creativity to showcase almost anything and everything you desire. For example, applying the larger sized labels for Halloween promotions! What a great way to interact with customers while getting them in the ‘Trick or Treat’ mode! By being creative with your in-store displays, customers get inspired to check out your products, stay a little longer and perhaps even purchase things they didn’t originally plan for. 

Be Efficient 

Besides pulling out all the creative stops this season, one of the most important parts of the busy shopping season which happens to be one of our best features, is the efficiency and speed behind Digital Smart Labels™. Hopefully, with more foot traffic in stores, retailers can make up for the lull during the pandemic. With that being said, being prepared ahead of time is necessary. Digital Smart Labels™ allow you to update pricing within seconds in real time, therefore as we get closer to December, one less thing to worry about. Instead of spending hours updating prices or switching back to regular prices, this time you can do all of that and more with just the click of a button. How simple! 

Digital Holiday Spirit

This time around, focus on your customers and organize the best shopping experience for them to come back to. Let us worry about the behind the scenes and the little details. As mentioned above, there are many options when it comes to Digital Smart Labels™! Simplify the retail business processes and provide amazing customer service with automation. Overall, it’s no secret that technology has become very influential, especially in retail, so what are you waiting for? Go, go, go and give us a call today to learn more!