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The Results

Monthly Hours Saved


Saved Annually


Return on Investment

2.6 Years*

It’s just the way that retail moves. It’s the next thing. And, I think this is going to be the industry norm.

– Jeff Wachenfeld, General Manager at North Fork True Value

The client and the context

Results and Benefits

  • Update prices from a central location
  • Removing paper pricing labels
  • Time and labour savings
  • Margin erosion
  • Clean and modern appearance
  • Cost optimization
  • Simplified business processes

True Value Company is one of the world’s leading hardware wholesalers and a globally recognized brand. True Value provides customers in over 60 countries with an expansive product range and market-customized assortments. They offer highly competitive prices, superior product availability, innovative marketing programs, and à la carte value-added services like eCommerce ship-to-store, store remodel support, and soon-to-be innovative pricing programs. True Value is committed to long-term sustained growth and success. To date, they serve more than 4,500 stores worldwide and look to partner with vendors who focus on the support of North American communities as well.

jeff wachenfeld true value

Jeff Wachenfeld, General Manager at North Fork True Value

After the installation, we continue to have support from the Danavation team. I can’t ask for anything more.”

The transition to Digital Smart Labels™ meant that labour was no longer required to update pricing. Price changes were made on the point-of-sale (POS) system and updated onto the digital label. The adoption of this technology was the first step to digital transformation. 

“I wanted to come up with the latest and greatest technology and outfit the store as a set-it-and-forget-it, turnkey solution and by introducing these labels was a huge step in this direction,” said Jeff enthusiastically.

The most cost-effective solution

“The transformation was immediate when Danavation installed the Digital Smart Labels™ in the store. The shelves in the North Fork store looked flawless, the store was clean, and the pricing was up to date. Dealing with factors like margin erosion was a thing of the past. The product pricing is updated from a central location on our point of sale system and instantly updated on the bin tag label,” says Jeff.

north fork true value
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