Iqbal and Danavation Partnership
Iqbal Halal Foods digital smart labels

“It’s very simple and a lot better than paper labels. And it looks a lot cleaner on the shelf. It’s just an excellent product!”

– Yusuf, Manager at Iqbal Halal Foods

The client and the context

Results and Benefits

  • Helped with store organization
  • Improved store efficiency
  • Time savings
  • Labour cost savings
  • Workforce optimization
  • Danavation’s fast response

Iqbal Halal Foods was founded over 30 years ago, when Iqbal Malek saw an opportunity to provide the Muslim community in Toronto with Halal-certified groceries, poultry, and meat. Decades later, the retailer is a renowned establishment with more than 200 employees and two supermarkets: the flagship location in Thorncliffe and another store in Mississauga.

Because they buy from foreign markets and have to adapt to currency variations, Iqbal found themselves with the hassle of updating prices daily. Before Digital Smart Labels™, this process would take up to three people and involved printing out each individual label and manually changing them on the shelves.

According to Yusuf, one of the managers at Iqbal, Danavation’s system made everything run a lot smoother. “When we’re changing prices upstairs we no longer have to print a label, run downstairs, fix it on the shelf, and then come back up. This system is ideal”.

Digital Smart Labels™ help streamline a variety of different workflows: from on-shelf price displays, to inventory control, and product ordering. Danavation’s system optimized store efficiency, resulting in increased time savings, as well as enhanced organization and control.

Yusuf - Iqbal Halal Foods

Yusuf, Manager at Iqbal Halal Foods

Easy to implement

“I don’t know anything about IT but Digital Smart Labels™ have been so easy to implement — it isn’t complicated at all! If you need to change something, you just do it on the spot.”

Optimized inventory management

Digital Smart Labels™ also play an important role in stock management and store organization. Before this system was implemented, the stock personnel at Iqbal had to walk the aisles and note down everything that had to be restocked. Not only was this time consuming, but it also created another problem: if a product was out of stock, the paper pricing labels were removed, creating confusion around which items were on the shelves before. This meant that when it was time for replenishment, they had to reorganize the whole planogram. Because Digital Smart Labels™ do not need to be removed, shelves can be easily replenished. And the best part? Managing inventory and forecasting orders become simplified as well.

By implementing our technology, Iqbal is able to utilize their dedicated employees elsewhere. Before, one person was dedicated to a section of aisles; now, only one person is needed for the entire store.

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