The Results

Monthly Hours Saved


Saved Annually


Return on Investment

2.8 Years*

“I can’t imagine printing new shelf labels and going from item to item and replacing paper tags. This was the biggest advantage for us.”

– Claudio Mancuso, CFO at Cataldi Fresh Market

The client and the context

Results and Benefits

  • Faster response to price changes
  • Less time spent on in-store tasks, allowing more time for other operations
  • Labour cost savings
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Danavation’s fast response/focus on customer satisfaction

Since 1989, the Cataldi family has been part of the ever-evolving grocery business in Canada, opening their first grocery store proudly featuring their family name in 1996. By 2004, Cataldi Fresh Market was chosen “Best of the Best” independent grocery stores in North York. Decades later, in 2020, the family opened a second location in Toronto.

Cataldi Fresh Market Team

We immediately benefited from the system through a decrease in labour costs associated with pricing changes. In fact, pricing label changes were now decoupled from labour costs allowing the employees to focus on other tasks in the store.” 

When Danavation asked the Cataldi team if they would recommend the technology to other retailers, Claudio, the CFO said this, “We are pleased with the team at Danavation and their technology. The team was with us throughout the installation process, and now that we have the Digital Smart Label™ technology, our entire staff at the store loves how easy they are to use and how employees can spend more time helping the customer.”

The most cost-effective solution

“The Digital Smart Label system allowed us to put new products on the shelf and quickly manage the pricing. Once the system was integrated with our POS system, the only thing missing was we didn’t have to spend time changing the pricing anymore,” says Claudio. “Our team is now focused on making the store look great, shelves full and taking care of our customers by assisting as they shop and check out.”
– Claudio Mancuso, CFO at Cataldi Fresh Market

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