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Our pledge to the environment

Our technology saves trees!

And that’s just one of the reasons we are so committed to advocating for environmental sustainability. Not only do we significantly reduce the amount of paper used in one single store, but we also ensure ongoing education for our employees on how each one of us can play a role in preserving nature.

For context, it takes on average one tree to produce 10,000 sheets of paper (not to mention the energy emissions generated through that process). On an equivalent basis it would take 3.65 trees to do the work of just 10 of our Digital Smart Labels™. Since our electronic shelf labels’ battery lasts for up to 10 years, and considering 365 updates per year (one a day), we can save 3,650 paper labels from being used! Translated, approximately ten of our Digital Smart Labels™ can save up to 3.65 trees!

How many trees do we save with 1 label?*

We partnered up with One Tree Planted to collaborate with tree planting in areas severely affected by deforestation. For each deal we close, we donate to one damaged area in the world.  Which means, by adopting our technology, you are also making a positive difference to the environment!

Get in on the change for a better world

Want to find out more about what’s happening to forests in Ontario and other parts of the world?

This interactive data map is an awesome tool that lets you explore changes in forests around the world. Explore global reforestation efforts, biodiversity hotspots, protected forests, and deforested areas.

Danavation is committed to our employees’ success

At Danavation, our team is the backbone of our success. As a company, we are committed to growing a culture of diverse individuals who strive to be the best version of themselves.


Danavation believes in having a diverse workforce that enables us to grow. As we continue the journey to reach new markets, we want to keep our culture top of mind.

Benefits for Staff

We believe in our employees’ health and well-being. We provide our team with on-site facilities such as a gym and a communal kitchen to promote good health and connections among our staff.

Committed to integrity

Danavation’s evolving governance framework provides oversight and accountability

Sound corporate governance practices are foundational for protecting the long-term interests of our stakeholders. At Danavation, we have established a ‘right-sized’ governance framework that ensures accountability and effective oversight, including balanced and timely disclosure. Our board members bring a variety of skills, experience and perspectives, supporting a culture of independence with diversity of thought.

Board Oversight

The Board oversees Danavation’s overall risk management to ensure appropriate mitigation measures are in place and we maintain a single committee – the Audit Committee – to serve the needs of the organization.

Maintaining Independence

Our Board is currently comprised of five directors, three of whom are considered to be “independent”.

Ethics & Governance

We promote ethical business conduct throughout the organization and appoint Board members and executives who demonstrate ethical practices and approaches. We avoid or minimize conflicts of interest and have at least two Board members independent of corporate matters.

Upholding Integrity

When engaging with new clients, Danavation carefully considers counterparty credit risk and client integrity-related issues. As the only Canadian founded and headquartered company providing Digital Smart Labels™, we are located in a country that has consistently ranked high on anti-corruption and ethical governance.

Enhancing Diversity

Danavation recognizes the benefits of diversity within the Board, but does not believe in compromising the principles of meritocracy by imposing specific targets. Our current Board, although relatively small, operates effectively. While we recognize the benefits of diversity that new directors can bring, including an expansion of skills, experience and perspectives, it is important to maintain an appropriate balance between tenure and new members to ensure optimal Board effectiveness.