Liquor Control Board of Ontario

LCBO worked with Danavation for a pilot project in two stores. The feedback provided on the video and on the case study pertains to the smart labels technology in general, and also the performance of Danavation’s labels in the context of a pilot. This is a two-store pilot project and based on its success, LCBO will determine a further expansion.

Danavation installs electronic shelf labels at LCBO

“I think any retailer out there who periodically changes prices would see a lot of return if they tried this technology as well.”

– Danny Ho, Director of Innovation at LCBO Next

Significantly reduce labor costs
Improve customer experience in exciting ways
Quickly respond to competitor activities
Improve store efficiency

The client and the context

The Results and Benefits

  • Instant price updates
  • Optimized store associate workflows
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Fast implementation and excellent experience with Danavation

LCBO – Liquor Control Board of Ontario – is one of the largest suppliers of alcoholic beverages in the world. The role of their LCBO Next team is to help the organization to figure out new ways of approaching technical problems and bringing products to the market faster and more conveniently, enhancing the experience of both their B2C and B2B customers. 

Danavation partnered with LCBO to implement Digital Smart Labels™ in their Kitchener store. The previous process of updating prices was quite labour intensive – from the printing of the price labels to manually changing them at the shelf. Now that our system is in place, everything is done electronically, behind the scenes, at a way faster pace.

Update: The pilot projects were a success and LCBO called Danavation Technologies to install Digital Smart Labels™ in their flagship store in downtown Toronto on Cooper Street.  Read more about the installation.

Watch the case study and see what Patrick Henderson, Store Manager, and Danny Ho, Director of Innovation at LCBO, have to say about our technology.

Danavation’s fast response

“The Danavation team has been very quick, very nimble, and with a lot of our collaborations – whether they were updates or clarifications – it’s been a very, very fast response. Some of the new fields we’re asking the team about to add to the smart labels, they happen overnight or within a few days. So really, it’s been an excellent experience overall”.

Danny Ho, Director of Innovation at LCBO Next

electronic shelf labels on a liquor store shelf
LCBO Danny Ho explains the benefit of digital smart labels
Patrick Henderson

Enhance customer experience and improve in-store efficiency

“Now, when customers go into the fridge, they automatically can see that the price is going to be accurate, they can see that the inventory is also going to be accurate. The lesser tasks, the lesser hours I have to allot to bin tags or price changes in the store, the better. Those can go toward helping the customer. Those can go toward product knowledge. Those can go toward any number of other areas required in store operations. So certainly, absolutely, it’s been great savings. And it looks sharp, it looks really good. So only positive things to say”.

Patrick Henderson, Manager LCBO

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