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Electronic Shelf Labels in Wine & Spirits

Transforming Wine & Spirits

Save time by replacing paper tags and increase your customer focus by implementing Digital Smart Labels™ to positively transform the in-store experience.

Danavation Technologies has created solutions for the wine & spirits industry to elevate their business by including more innovative ways to improve the customer experience. Our Digital Smart Labels™ will eliminate the need to print and replace paper price tags, while providing automated real-time price updates, product information and promotions done from one central location.

The Digital Smart Label™ solution solves challenges liquor, wine, beer and specialty stores face by removing the labour costs of replacing paper labels, ensuring pricing is accurate, and positively increase the overall in-store experience.

Our Digital Smart Labels™ offer a class-leading high resolution, high contrast, wide viewability and vibrant colour displays designed to enhance the in-store shopping experience. The Digital Smart Label™ solution is integrated into your existing workflow thus allowing pricing changes to be made from the point-of-sale system and reflected on the price labels on the shelf.

Benefits of implementing Digital Smart Labels™

Reduce Labour Costs

The immediate benefit of the system is a decrease in labour costs associated with price changes. In fact, price changes are now decoupled from labour costs, allowing the store staff to focus on other tasks. A business can now change prices more often and from a central location that is tied into their point of sale system.

Easy to use

Once the Digital Smart Label™ software is integrated into the point of sale and inventory system, it works in the background while pricing changes continue to be made in the point of sale software. All price changes are automatically sent to the digital price tags including promotions and weekly product sale offers requiring price changes.

Customer spotlight

LCBO logo in colour

Digital Smart Labels™ in Action

LCBO—the Liquor Control Board of Ontario—is one of the largest suppliers of alcoholic beverages in the world that retails and distributes throughout the Canadian province of Ontario.  With over 600+ stores across the province, LCBO is the only retail outlet licensed to sell alcohol in Ontario, with the exception of beer.

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