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Return on Investment

1.5 Years*

“Changing pricing was costing us money, and now, with Digital Smart Labels™, changing pricing has become a revenue generator.”

 Nail Sultanau, Executive Director at Big Bear Liquor Company

The client and the context

Results and Benefits

  • Faster response to price changes
  • Less time spent changing prices, allowing more time for other operations
  • Labour cost savings
  • Margin erosion control
  • Revenue generation
  • Danavation’s fast response and service

From its early days as a donair shop, Big Bear Liquor was built from the ground up by lifelong Yukoners. With their focus on unparalleled service, the team created a fast and fun environment for customers to enjoy delicious food and a great selection of beer, wine, spirits, cold and ready, with something new on the shelves.

The liquor store business has specific regulations set by the province or the state in which it resides. For Big Bear Liquor, it is no different. As a liquor retailer in Yukon, Canada, it operates within the Yukon Liquor Corporation (YLC) regulations. The YLC oversees the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages throughout the territory. There are government-operated liquor stores in Yukon and businesses whose primary business is to sell food that can also apply for alcohol off-sales licenses.  In June 2023, Big Bear relocated to a newly built 16,000 sq. ft. building in downtown Whitehorse, which hosted a restaurant, liquor express and 6,000 sq. ft. liquor store and liquor warehouse. The successful completion of this project made Big Bear a direct competitor to the Yukon Government stores. Digital price tags were on their radar, and they knew it was essential to have them.

Big Bear Liquor in Whitehorse, Yukon

“It only took me a few hours. I needed to connect my IT specialist with the Danavation team and install some base stations. Once we integrated the Digital Smart Label™ solution into our point-of-sale system, BarnetPOS, we updated all our pricing across the store. Organizing a promotion became much easier, and our staff loved the solution. By displaying inventory on our shelf, we can inform the consumer of how many units we have left, which would also help staff for restocking”, says Nail Sultanau.


Ease of Use

The implementation of Danavation’s Digital Smart Labels™ means that pricing changes can now be completed through their point-of-sale system, BarnetPOS, and all pricing on the retail shelf is the same as on their website. Pricing is changed weekly, and supplier promotions and inventory control are displayed on the Digital Smart Label™, assisting both consumers and staff. 

“The Digital Smart Label™ system has allowed us to eliminate margin erosion and to quickly introduce and remove products from the shelf, thus giving our customers the ultimate experience and selection. Once the Digital Smart Label™ system was fully integrated with our point of sale system, our staff was focused on serving our customers, and our website pricing was now in line with our retail shelf pricing,” says Nail. “The Digital Labels look great, and our team is focused on the customer experience. We can use automated pricing to generate more revenue for the store by eliminating costs associated with pricing and exploring new ideas like dynamic pricing.”

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