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“It’s saved us a lot of time on pricing. We can just stock our shelves without doing anything, basically. There are fewer mistakes made”.

– Arend Ten Hove, Owner at Norwich Deli & Bakery

The client and the context

Results and Benefits

  • Fewer pricing mistakes
  • Increased labour savings
  • Easy to implement and to operate
  • Trust in Danavation’s team
  • Saved time with pricing updates

Norwich Deli & Bakery was founded over 30 years ago by Arend’s father, who is a third generation baker. In 2000, the retail space underwent a major renovation and expansion and doubled in size. In 2010, they expanded again — this time in the bakery production area.

Arend didn’t think twice when he was presented with the opportunity to implement Digital Smart Labels™ in his store: “We were remodelling our store and thought ‘hey, this is a good idea, let’s start with electronic labelling!’”

Norwich Deli and Bakery

Arend Ten Hove, Owner at Norwich Deli & Bakery

Respond quickly to price updates and keep them accurate

Before our Digital Smart Label™ system, everything was done manually at the shelf with price guns and individual paper labels. This process was extremely labour intensive and prone to discrepancies between the actual price of the product and the price displayed on the shelf. Thanks to Digital Smart Labels™, this problem is now solved. “It’s all linked together. So whatever is on the shelf is scanned and placed into the system right away — and the sign reflects that. Those are the two major benefits: labour savings and fewer price mistakes.”

Improvement in store operations and price accuracy

Norwich Deli & Bakery implemented Digital Smart Labels™ while renovating their store, so the result was a modern shopping experience directly tied to the new look and feel of the business. The cost benefit of implementing this technology is certainly being paid off through the significant savings in time and labour, resulting in optimized store operations. When Arend was asked if he recommends this system to other retailers, he was emphatic: “I would definitely recommend this!”

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Danavation digital freezer price labels
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