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Electronic Shelf Labels in Retail

Transforming Retail

Change prices and promos for any product, on any shelf, in seconds.

Connect with today’s tech-savvy consumers for a true omnichannel experience.

At Danavation Technologies, we have developed solutions for retail company owners to transform their business. Our state-of-the-art Digital Smart labels™ enable businesses to automate pricing changes, enhance product information and update promotions in real-time.

The Digital Smart Label™ solution solves many challenges retail businesses face including cost optimization, margin erosion, and the high labour costs associated with replacing traditional paper pricing. Our solution enhances the in-store experience to ensure pricing is up-to-date and accurate, while delivering an elevated brand experience. 

Our Digital Smart Labels™ offer a class-leading high resolution, high contrast, wide viewability and vibrant colour displays designed to enhance the in-store shopping experience. The Digital Smart Label™ solution is integrated into your existing workflow thus allowing price changes to be made from the point-of-sale system and reflected on the price labels on the shelf.

Benefits of implementing Digital Smart Labels™

Margin Erosion

With Digital Smart Labels™ integrated, all pricing changes will continue to be made in your point of sale system and thus ensure the labels on the shelf are updated in real-time. No more waiting for prices to be manually updated on the shelf. Digital Smart Labels™ will ensure your pricing is always accurate and up to date while allowing you the ability to change prices more often to capture more margin.

Focus on Customers

The immediate benefit from the system is a decrease in labour costs associated with pricing changes. In fact, pricing label changes are no longer associated with labour costs, allowing the store staff to focus on other tasks in the store. A business can now change prices more often and from a central location that is tied into their point of sale system.

Customer spotlight

Danavation and Aisle 24 partnering together
Aisle 24 logo

Digital Smart Labels™ in Action

The True Value company is an American wholesaler with over 4,500 independent hardware retailers and locations worldwide across 60 countries, with most of its locations in the USA. With a specific focus on hardware and products for the home, True Value has is known industry-wide as a premier wholesaler across the globe. 

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