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Electronic Shelf Labels in Health Care

Transforming Health Care

Digital Smart Labels™ in health care will help save time replacing paper labels, signage and bin identification systems and is a step towards digital transformation. 

Danavation Technologies has created solutions for healthcare providers to transform their industry and become leaders through automation. Our state-of-the-art Digital Smart Labels™ provide updated information in real-time with the inclusion of digital signage, bin labelling and by removing dated paper labels from work flows and supply rooms.

 The Digital Smart Label™ solution solves many existing challenges in the healthcare industry that will positively affect both providers and patients alike. Digital signage displayed in a healthcare setting can be updated in real time to reflect necessary messaging throughout a hospital setting updating as needed. Iconography to represent the patient needs can be displayed outside a patient’s rooms to alert staff of who and what care is needed, and ultimately will provide a best patient service.

Our Digital Smart Labels™ offer class-leading high resolution, high contrast, wide viewability and vibrant colour displays designed to automate labelling and digitize signage in a healthcare setting. The Digital Smart Label™ solution replaces the need for paper identification labels and traditional signage with seamless updates that can be made from a central location directly on the digital labels and displays.

Benefits of implementing Digital Smart Labels™

Automated Labeling

Digital Smart Labels™ can be used to replace paper labels for medical supplies and assist with inventory control.

Digital Signage

Digital Smart Labels™ can be used for patient room signage. Display can include information about the patient.

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