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Danavation Technologies Corp.™ is a leading provider of micro e-paper displays in North America. Our state-of-the-art Digital Smart Labels™ enable companies to automate labelling, price, product information, and promotions in real time.

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Industries we work with


Sync your ERP/POS system for unprecedented speed and accuracy, helping to generate sales lift, cut costs, inform shoppers, and respond quicker to competitor activities.


Modernize hospitals and long-term care facilities by allowing healthcare workers to access patient information such as allergies, diet, and other critical data in real time.

Wine &


Enhance the customer experience by displaying product details such as reviews, pairings, and other relevant information.


Change prices and promos for any product, on any shelf, in seconds and connect with today’s tech-savvy consumers for a true omnichannel experience.

What can Digital Smart Labels™ do for you?

Cut labour costs

Reduce time spent updating labels


Guarantee price accuracy


Increase customer engagement across all brand touchpoints


Optimize workflows and supply chain management


Launch personalized promotions at the shelf


Respond to competitor activities in real time

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Instant updates

Watch our solution in action

Instant updates

Watch our solution in action

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Danavation Technologies

Considering electronic shelf labels, choose Danavation Technologies

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Retailers have been investing in electronic shelf label technology rapidly over the past few years— and with good reason. Electronic shelf labels’ ability to improve…
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How artificial intelligence is changing retail

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the retail landscape in a big way. From applying machine learning to inventory management to using AI systems to optimize…
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How Danavation is making office spaces greener and more efficient

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Pandemic restrictions are slowly starting to lift, which means there’s going to be a significant shift back to in-person office work.  Of course, a lot…
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News Releases

Danavation Technologies Corp. to Host Live Corporate Webinar on May 17th at 2pm ET

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John Ricci, CEO to provide a corporate overview via live presentation followed by live Q&A Investors and other interested parties invited to join and learn…

Danavation Technologies Announces Installation of Digital Smart Labels™ into Luminate Co Wellness Market in Nova Scotia

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This installation of our Digital Smart Labels™ represents Danavation’s initial entry into Nova Scotia, further expanding our Eastern Canadian presence and reach Completion of installation…

Danavation Technologies Expands Ontario Presence with Installation of Digital Smart Labels™ into Palma Pasta

| News Releases | No Comments
Danavation continues to grow within our home province of Ontario with first installation of up to four potential locations Installation expected to commence at the…
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