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Danavation’s commitment to sustainability

By December 6, 2022May 25th, 2023No Comments

At Danavation Technologies Corp., we are strongly committed to advocating for and striving consistently toward environmental sustainability by significantly reducing our paper use and print waste. Our Digital Smart Labels™ technology saves trees – less paper equates to more sustainable business practices.

When clients choose to automate their outdated paper labeling systems, not only does that significantly reduce the amount of paper used in one single store, but it also has a snowball effect. For every organization that makes the switch from paper labels to Digital Smart Labels™, Danavation donates to One Tree Planted, a charitable organization whose mission is to help global reforestation efforts. Our company partnered up with One Tree Planted to collaborate with tree planting in areas severely affected by deforestation. For each deal we close, we donate to one damaged area in the world. This means, by adopting our technology, you are also making a positive difference in the environment.

“We love our green initiative and believe in lowering our carbon footprint so our partnership with One Tree Planted makes sense”

For context, it takes on average one tree to produce 10,000 sheets of paper; not to mention the energy emissions generated through that process. On an equivalent basis it would take 3.65 trees to do the work of just 10 of our Digital Smart Labels™. Since our electronic shelf labels’ battery lasts for up to 10 years and considering 365 updates per year (one a day), we can save 3,650 paper labels from being used! Translated, approximately ten of our Digital Smart Labels™ can save up to 3.65 trees!

At Danavation’s corporate location, we ensure ongoing education for our employees on how each one of us can play a role through daily choices toward preserving nature. We are working together to make our earth more sustainable. For more information on One Tree Planted and to get involved, please visit