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Digital Smart Label™ systems explained

By March 1, 2023July 13th, 2023No Comments

Across the retail landscape, there is much talk of a digital revolution with tech-savvy consumers demanding more from their shopping experiences. But what does that truly mean when it comes to smart label implementation in retail, what are the associated benefits and how does the technology really work?

Consumers want seamless convenience, impeccable customer service, and engaging experiences. Digitization plays a big role in this, and Danavation’s® Digital Smart Labels™ are leading the way in reimagining retail.

Danavation’s® Digital Smart Labels™ are a battery powered device that replaces paper price tags, displaying product pricing, information, and can provide retail stores with a range of features that improve operational efficiency, reduce pricing errors, and reduce labor costs by allowing for remote updates of entire labeling systems from base stations which are installed throughout the store. These are then connected to the existing network in the store, from which the workflow is seamless. “You’ve got smart people working for you,” states John Ricci, Founder & CEO of Danavation®. “Have them do things that are important to you rather than menial tasks.”

This technology is driving pricing systems for retailers and Danavation’s® QuickSync™ connects the point-of-sale software to our Digital Smart Label™ software solution. An electronic shelf label is mounted just like traditional price tags but is digitally bound to both a product’s SKU and the pricing management system. This allows for full centralized management of the price and product display information. The digital price tags communicate with a base station management system through bluetooth which allows for no network traffic interference directly equating to no slow downs when transferring product and pricing information. Digital Smart Labels™ sync with retailer’s point-of-sale systems, offering unprecedented speed and accuracy and vastly improving in-store efficiency and productivity. This cuts costs while also generating an uplift in sales by improving the shopping experience.

Digital Smart Labels™ can completely transform a store’s operations with an increasing array of benefits for retailers. The most immediate impact of these is that they allow for centralized and instant price updates all through a backend system. When a price change is made on the point-of-sale system, all product updates are queued and ready for deployment at different schedules. These schedules can include the morning before the store opens or at night when the store is closed. In a traditional set up, pricing is updated on the store’s point-of-sale system, then, store employees need to print, match, and manually replace paper labels – a highly resource, time, and cost intensive task.

“Our system allows you to digitize your business without any wires, so you could walk into any facility and be immediately digitized,” explained Ricci. “Many companies don’t even know that this low-invasive technology exists.”