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Digital Smart Labels™ in warehousing

By December 29, 2022May 25th, 2023No Comments

digital smart labels warehouse

We have witnessed first-hand the numerous advantages, versatility, and capabilities of Danavation’s Digital Smart Labels™ transforming the face of retail. While this sector has revelled in the ease and multi- benefits of adopting this technology, retail implementation is just the beginning.

When it comes to storage and, in turn, warehouse organization solutions, Digital Smart Labels™ are an ideal fit. While business owners may be familiar with the benefits of eliminating paper labels at the consumer level, implementing the technology into warehouse and storage solutions offers a perfect place for the next launching point. Digital Smart Labels™, also known as electronic shelf labels, are easy to integrate with most systems. As a result, the information on the shelf can always be reflected on the label including information from inventory management software, location information and detailed product information.

As we know, operational efficiencies are paramount when looking for cost savings in a company. Digital Smart Labels™ are a turnkey solution to numerous warehouse challenges, and not only do they enhance business process optimization and refine labour – something all companies strive for – they can streamline inventory challenges. Whether it’s establishing the correct bin or shelf location to pull inventory for orders or for restocking (we’ll touch on that more later), the Digital Smart Labels™ make the job easier by ensuring the items are correctly labelled on the shelf or bin identification tag. Labels can display countless pieces of beneficial information including product type, barcode, inventory in stock, and so much more.

While Digital Smart Labels™ are widely known for their use on the shelf, the possibilities are endless when you incorporate digital signage into the mix. The ideal way to communicate effectively with all those on site is to include digital signage with messaging which can be changed seamlessly as needed. You can include calendar and/or product information as well.

Most paper labels only have enough space for a limited amount of information, perhaps simply the product’s name, and a barcode. Alternately, and to the benefit of business owners and employees, electronic shelf labels can include graphics, QR codes and more. Digital Smart Labels™ can be directly linked to your company’s inventory database to provide clear, accurate information on stock levels.

While an individual paper label may be inexpensive, the cost of paper labels adds up over time, especially if your stock or labelling needs to be changed often. Moreover, paper labels take a considerable amount of time to update, which can significantly increase your labour costs. This is apparent particularly in a warehouse setting where all products may not be visually displayed to make identifying them as straightforward. In addition to convenience and efficiency, our Digital Smart Labels™ have up to 10 years of battery life, saving your business money in the long run.

In addition to Digital Smart Labels™, Danavation Technologies is always striving to deliver new multi-faceted products to market – Stock2Lite and Pick2Lite platforms do just that. Ensuring location accuracy of products at your warehouse/business location can be maintained with the addition of Stock2Lite and Pick2Lite platforms. This market-ready proprietary software is created by Danavation, the ideal source for a product of this calibre given the success of the Digital Smart Label™ technology. Geared at improving efficiencies and an overall improved experience, these platforms are indispensable for business owners, and their staff. The addition of this product at your company can certainly streamline and vastly improve accuracy when it comes to stocking and re-stocking shelves. Click here to learn more.

On the heels of their successful Digital Smart Label™ installation, the Cook it team was asked if they would recommend the technology to other companies. Hugo Morin, Operations Manager, emphatically shared the following: “If you’re in a warehouse environment and want to eliminate paper, you need to speak with the Danavation team. Not only were they involved in every step of the process, but they were also part of the implementation team and provided critical and constructive feedback that allowed us to increase our operational efficiency 10x by both eliminating paper and errors.” Click here to read about Cook it’s experience.

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