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Next-gen UX: how retailers can stand out

By May 15, 2019December 2nd, 2022No Comments

As the digital revolution continues, retailers are putting more and more focus into e-commerce and websites. However, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, only 10% of all retail transactions last year took place online.

This is not to suggest that retailers should abandon their digital initiatives. Rather, it highlights the importance of physical showrooms for omnichannel merchants.

This is because in spite of the increasing popularity of e-commerce, consumers have not yet abandoned the tactical and sensory experience that a brick-and-mortar store provides.

Improve the shopping experience at your store

Customer engagement technology that interacts with shoppers in-store is a winning play

Dan HodgeCEO of Retail Store Tours

As the online and offline worlds start to merge, retailers who invest in the user experience for their online shoppers must also translate this experience to their showrooms. In order to do this, retailers can implement digital smart labels. This enhances the user experience through increased customer engagement by displaying social reviews, promotions, personalized offers, and price accuracy.

A seamless online/offline experience is especially important to Generation Z shoppers, the up and coming demographic.

According to Dan Hodge, founder/CEO of Retail Store Tours, “Customer engagement technology that interacts with shoppers in-store is a winning play.”
Retailers built to capitalize on rapidly changing consumer behaviours and trends are winners. The future belongs to the fast movers and their ability to adapt their business models.