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Creating in-store experiences that drive sales and traffic

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Digital Smart Labels Customer Experience

Danavation, founded and based in North America, is bringing to retail next-generation inventory and pricing automation. Retailers spend valuable time and effort ensuring pricing, promotions and displays are set to maximize sales. With Digital Smart Labels™, these e-paper displays are integrated into the point-of-sale system and inform customers of prices, product information, QR codes and promotions.

Digital Smart Labels™, from 1.5″ inch to 13.3″ inches in size, are battery-operated (10-year life) and are wirelessly connected to the centralized inventory and pricing computer program. These electronic price tags eliminate the annoyances of rolling inventories and labour-intensive paper tags. Changes can be pre-programmed to take effect at a specific time and date or on the spot.

Customers First

Success in retail is dependent on retaining and growing the customer base. Using many tactics, retailers add to the bottom line. For example, placement of bestselling products strategically to drive customers past aisles of merchandise. Customers often dwell looking at other products and decide to buy more.

With Wi-Fi, in-store customers can look up more detailed information. QR codes on the Digital Smart Labels™ make it seamless for the tech savvy customer. Customer-centred events draw in loyal and new customers. Events can be displays of new products, free samples, demonstrations, and more.

Pain Points

One of the worst experiences for customers and cashiers alike is when the shelf price is different than the price at the point of sale. The customer often will insist on the lower price. Depending on store policies, floor staff may be called for a price check, and a Manager may be needed to override at the register. With Digital Smart Labels™, prices are the same on the shelf and at the point of sale – problem solved.

The staff members are the most valuable customer service asset. Floor staff that are preoccupied with tasking often get distracted by customers. If they are customer centred, they will help and take it in stride, but no matter what, it’s not a seamless experience for anyone. Management should seek ways to free up floor staff to do customer service.

With digital price tags, less time is consumed at every level, and staff can focus on customer needs. The task of changing tags is pre-arranged or done in the back room without distraction – then it’s back to the aisles.

It’s often said that if a customer has a bad shopping experience, they will tell many, and if the customer’s experience was good, they will tell few. Displeased customers are likely to avoid the store, return products and complain to upper management. Creating a customer-centred company culture is possible, and it is essential for the bottom line.

Paper Labels

Before printed labels, every item had to be tagged with a simple price-only tag – a time-consuming task. In recent decades, retailers have advanced using printed custom labels on the shelf only. These “old” labels can include descriptions, price, graphics, bulk buy price, promotions and any short phrase. Now it’s time for another step forward. It’s time to upgrade to digital price tags.

Accuracy is critical in retail. Printing labels is dependent on human factors, and inaccuracy is inevitable.

Digital Smart Labels™

Danavation has developed next-generation retail technology. With Digital Smart Labels™, retailers save on labour and improve the customer experience. Current labelling is cumbersome and labour-intensive. These labels are centralized and integrated with other in-store functions.

Instantly, price changes are done. One person does the same as many have to do with the old technology. Digital labelling instantly re-labels store-wide and at the points of sale registers. Compared to paper printed labels, digital labelling allows for much more information, and information is what customers want; it often makes the sale.

Canada Based and Serving All of North America

Danavation is ready to scale up to their customer’s needs with experts on staff. Proudly serving Canada and the United States, tailoring their products and services to the client’s needs.

Retail is technology-dependent, and any bump on the road means lost sales. It is a big decision to transition to digital labels. Danavation is always available to guide retailers large and small.

Pricing Product

Adopting retail automation with technology like Digital Smart Labels™ means that prices will always be accurate from the shelf to the register.The labels can integrate with third-party pricing software, enabling retailers to dynamically price products according to factors like market trends, competition, demand, and inventory levels. Once connected, the labels will change in real-time according to cues from the software.

The Move to Digital Labels is On

The competition is upgrading to more integrated retail technology now. The big retail players are on it; smaller retailers will soon face competitors with upgraded digital store systems depending on their niche. Without smart labels, retailers are disadvantaged and outcompeted.

Danavation creates the advantage. Digital Smart Labels™ put customers first – it frees up store staff for more personal service to customers. The integrated automation helps address retailer pain points. Dramatically improved inventory control comes with tailored and integrated store systems. Setting price points becomes more accurate at the store level or at multiple locations.

What Danavation is doing with Digital Smart Labels™, in Canada and across North America, is giving retailers the competitive edge – a tangible and real advantage.