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What are electronic shelf labels?

By May 25, 2022April 28th, 2023No Comments

Digital Smart Labels at LCBO

As the world becomes progressively more digital, industries are evolving to adapt to newer processes and workflows. One of these industries, is the world of retail. While traditional paper price tags are still the industry norm, electronic shelf labels are increasingly more common. Although this technology is not new, more and more businesses are beginning to adopt this system. But what exactly is an electronic shelf label? And how does it work?

What are electronic shelf labels?
Electronic shelf labels, also called Digital Smart Labels™, are small micro e-paper displays that attach to the shelf edge. The e-paper display allows the information on the label to be updated remotely and within seconds. What does this mean for retailers? Prices at the shelf can be changed instantly and automatically, from anywhere.

Gone are the days of manually swapping out price labels; with electronic shelf labels, you can launch sales and promotions with the click of a button. Not only does this save time, it frees up employees to focus on the tasks that make your business thrive, like customer service and developing product knowledge.

How do electronic shelf labels work?
While the technology behind Digital Smart Labels™ is expertly engineered, the system is extremely easy to operate. The labels seamlessly integrate into your business’ existing ERP or POS software, which is controlled through a centralized command centre, allowing you to manage your pricing from a single point of operation.

At the hub of this system is our state-of-the-art wireless communicators, which are easily installed throughout your store. Once they are powered on, they automatically connect with our software and are able to start communicating with the labels.

Once your prices are in changed in your ERP or POS system, the changes are automatically reflected on the labels at the shelf, giving you peace of mind that your prices are accurate and up-to-date at all times.

What are the benefits of electronic shelf labels?
When you implement our electronic shelf label system, not only are you streamlining your in-store pricing process, but you’re also reaping additional benefits like labour savings, dynamic marketing, and maintaining profit margins.

Labour savings
Not only are price changes tedious, you need to take an employee off the floor to manually change the labels. For stores that are already short-staffed, this means that valuable labour is being spent swapping out paper tags. With Digital Smart Labels™, price changes are easier than ever, freeing up time for employees to focus other tasks.

Dynamic marketing
Because you can launch sales and promotions with the click of a button, you can react more quickly to competitor activities. Not only that, but you unlock the ability to dynamically price products according to things like world events, weather, and more!

Margin erosion
Unless you’ve got a team completely dedicated to price changes, chances are you’re leaving money on the table. With paper tags, it isn’t easy to update pricing quickly and efficiently. Digital Smart Labels™ allow you to instantly update prices throughout your store, ensuring that you’re capitalizing on margins and getting the most bang for your buck.

With Digital Smart Labels™, retailers can ensure that they are offering their customers their best price, always. With retail competition at an all-time high, it’s time for retailers to ditch costly and time-consuming manual pricing and digitally transform their stores. Contact us today and find out how you can take the first step to digital transformation.