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How Danavation is making office spaces greener and more efficient

By March 16, 2022No Comments

office electronic shelf label

Pandemic restrictions are slowly starting to lift, which means there’s going to be a significant shift back to in-person office work. 

Of course, a lot will be different in this post-pandemic era workplace, but things like trying to figure out if the meeting room is accessible at 2:00pm on a Tuesday or looking up who to call when the printer is jammed yet again will still exist. 

As such, this return to work is an excellent opportunity to rebuild your workspace and improve how it operates by finding more efficient and more environmentally friendly ways to deal with these everyday office inconveniences. 

Enter Danavation’s Digital Smart Labels™. The electronic shelf labels, also known as digital tag, digital label or e-paper displays are battery-powered, state-of-the-art electrophoretic ink displays connected to a wireless network, and they have myriad uses in the workplace.  

For example, Digital Smart Labels™ can be used outside an office or meeting room to display the employee’s or the room’s calendar for the day. 

Just think about how tedious and wasteful it is to constantly print off new room availability and daily schedules for doors and meeting rooms. The whole process uses up material, resources, and an employee’s valuable time. But with Danavation’s cloud-based software and wireless communication, you can update those signs with just a quick click of a button on a computer. You could even sync it with your network’s scheduling system, so it updates automatically. 

So not only can Danavation’s e-paper digital labels manage your employees’ time and resources better, but they can also be a great way to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. 

Meeting room signs are just one area where you can be more sustainable. According to one report, businesses waste $80 billion on managing paper each year, and despite it being recyclable, the paper contributes to a third of Canada’s waste in landfills.

Danavation’s Digital Smart Labels™ come in various sizes and can replace paper in more than just one place. They can be used across the office to display messaging that can change automatically based on the time of day or where the sign is located. 

Further, the Digital Smart Labels™ can use QR codes and NFC technology to collect information from people in the building. For example, staff could scan a QR code that links to their daily COVID screening form.

This technology is also useful if you have a broken printer or something is out of stock in the supply closet. With the use of QR codes, all your employee has to do is scan the code e-paper display that would automatically report the issue, or it could let them tap their company credit card and order more pens. Quick and simple. 

The use of e-paper displays not only make employees’ lives easier, but research has found that companies who move towards a more paperless future reap plenty of other benefits, such as reducing their operating costs and increasing their company’s productivity. 

Plus, the battery lasts up to 10 years, and they only use power when updating the label’s content, making them extremely energy efficient. 

While Danavation can’t make the office coffee taste any better, our Digital Smart Labels™ can at least help make your office run more efficiently with less paper waste and an overall greener footprint.