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Keeping your retail space optimized and safe with Digital Smart Labels™

By October 8, 2021April 28th, 2023No Comments

Digital Smart Label

How do we define retail today? Many would argue that e-commerce has won and that the only future is online shopping. Although e-commerce does have its advantages and automation has accelerated its influence during and post-pandemic, we can’t help but highlight the importance of brick-and-mortar stores.

An article from Retail Insider titled Pandemic Store Design Shift in Canadian Retailers to Include New Safety Measures [Feature Interviews] highlights the brick-and-mortar style as the foundation of retail and writes: “Continuing to serve as a hub for brands, the physical retail space is increasingly representing the strongest point of customer engagement and excitement, acting as the purveyor of real-life experiences that cannot be replicated online or anywhere else. For these reasons, as we approach what looks at least something like a post-pandemic world, and the Canadian consumer returns, seeking out tangible encounters with their favourite brands, it seems that the importance of the store will be more critical than ever before.”

So you might be wondering what our technology has to do with post-COVID retail? We’re glad you are staying curious! Throughout the rest of the blog, we will explore the features of our Digital Smart Labels™ and how they can help retailers achieve a safe retail space while elevating every customer’s shopping experience.

Our advantage

Grounded and founded right here in Canada, our Digital Smart Labels™ are the digital tool you need for your retail space that’s modern and easy to install. With a battery life of up to 10 years, the labels are powered through a Basestation that acts as a transceiver for the labels installed. The entire system relies on a simple software interface that integrates with the existing POS or ERP system. Through that same system, one can control all labels within the retail space at a touch of a button. Even coverage, speed, and accuracy. Voila! With all these features working collaboratively, you can count on our Digital Smart Labels™ to be updated in real time, all the time.

Digitizing retail

Once our team of experts has completed the installation of Digital Smart Labels™ within your retail space, it’s time to implement its features in day-to-day operations. For example, consider the weekly, if not daily, price updates! Instead of gathering a team of employees to manually update every product or section, now it can be done with a click of a button. This particular example ties in with the number of people permitted on the premises and the vicinity at the same time due to COVID regulations. With remote updates, that task is simplified and much safer.

By automating labelling, pricing, information, and promotions in real time, your place of business is therefore promoting contact-free retail. An article from JLL titled Retail goes contact-free as COVID-19 restrictions lift highlights, “While social distancing and disinfection procedures are needed in reopening stages, many companies are looking beyond that, investing in technology that will prepare them for longer-term shifts in consumer behaviour.”

Your competitive edge

Our digital advantage becomes your competitive edge. Now that you have a better understanding of how our Digital Smart Labels™ work, you can begin to see the benefits overall. Optimizing your retail space with digital displays will reassure your customers of safety and efficiency.

Despite the post-pandemic waves and concerns, technology has played an essential role in helping businesses recover and climb back up from lost revenue. With the post-COVID guidelines and social distancing precautions in place day to day, Digital Smart Labels™ make this entire process much simpler. By relying on digital displays in your store you are minimizing touchpoints, and as a result, ensuring that safety and hygiene are essential aspects of everyday business and operations.

In the meantime, our labels come in a variety of sizes. From sections with smaller products to aisles with important promotions, you can rely on our larger Digital Smart Labels™ to highlight important information. Whether it is product promotion and advertising, or even guidelines reminding of social distancing, your options are limitless. Maintaining retail creativity while staying safe is key today.

Today’s customer

We are all today’s average consumers. Even looking from your own perspective, all of our shopping experiences have taken a major transformation in the past year or so.

The hassle of having to complete mundane tasks such as manual counting and switching price labels is something we can now leave behind us. With Digital Smart Labels™, you and your business can avoid the rising costs of manual labour and as a result create a safer shopping experience. The more comfortable your consumers are, the more likely they are to come back, and more frequently!

Be safe with digital

From simplified operations, saved costs and time, and improved efficiency, the road to take today is digital. And your vehicle on this road is our Digital Smart Labels™. Adapting these throughout your retail space will not only help create an orderly shopping experience for your loyal customers but will also enable employees to be more efficient and accurate.

The physical store is here to stay–with a few minor upgrades. To summarize, the aforementioned article states, “This convergence of consumer attitudes and behaviour and retailer innovation is set to revolutionize the physical brick-and-mortar experience as merchants really begin to reimagine what’s possible inside their stores. Advancements in technological innovations related to AI, robotics and big data are helping to drive a retail experience that’s more frictionless than ever, convenient and underpinned by enhanced service.”

Rebuild the retail foundation, and modernize the essence of the shopping experience by going digital! Call Danavation today to find out more.