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Leon’s Furniture implements electronic shelf labels in new concept store

By September 13, 2019January 15th, 2021No Comments

According to Retail Insider, Leon’s, Canada’s largest furniture retailer, has launched a new technology-heavy concept store in Vancouver, BC. This concept store showcases collections of on-trend furniture and appliances. Leon’s leverages the use of advanced retail technology, such as augmented reality tablets, to enable customers to shop the full product range.

Leon’s has also implemented electronic shelf labels on their appliances. This technology enables instant price updates, ensuring that customers are getting the best, most competitive price, along with Leon’s 60-Day Price Guarantee.

All the features you need to know about a fridge, the dimensions. All of it’s right up here. Updated for ya,” said Stuart McBride, Leon’s Coquitlam store manager.

At the touch of a button, sales can be implemented instantly across the country, so staff can spend less time managing price tags and more time with customers.

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