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One way your business can be more sustainable in 2022

By January 26, 2022No Comments

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These days, it seems like everyone from massive multinational companies to small local businesses are making moves to be more sustainable.

Even the notoriously slow adopters, like the government, are doing their part. Just a few months ago, the Ontario Government announced it would no longer be sending paper renewal notices for health cards and driver’s licenses as of March 1, 2022. 

The move is intended to make services more convenient, accessible, and easier to use as well as save money and the environment. 

The simple switch from paper notices to electronic notices is set to save up to $29 million in the next five years and over 80 million pieces of paper. 

And the government isn’t the only one trying to make things more efficient and sustainable – Danavation’s Digital Smart Labels™ are doing the same thing but with another overlooked waste of paper: price tags. 

Think about grocery stores for example. A typical grocery store, on average, puts 5,000 items on sale in a week and removes sale prices from another 5,000. And that’s just the sale tags – there are also things like flyers, coupons, promotional posters, and signs that require paper.  

That is a lot of paper waste each week and updating everything is also labour intensive with plenty of opportunity for errors. 

In most stores, employees need to manually update each and every product price, which can take hours and is tediously annoying. Not to mention, if you have multiple stores that process happens in every store. 

But with Danavation’s Digital Smart Labels™, you can skip over all that, allowing your company to be more sustainable and direct resources to a better customer experience. 

Digital Smart Labels™ are small, battery-powered digital price tags that are connected to a store’s network and allow prices to be changed almost instantaneously with just a few clicks on a computer. 

Further, if you have multiple stores, the network updates it at every location so you no longer have to have multiple employees at multiple locations updating price tags every week.  

The battery lasts at least 10 years and not only can customers see the correct price but they can get personalized, in-depth product information, which creates a seamless in-store and online shopping experience with price transparency all without using paper. 

As such, electronic labels are quickly growing in popularity in multiple industries due to their cost-effectiveness and efficiency. 

Plus in an ongoing pandemic the less human interaction and contact, the better.  

Pandemic aside, the savings Digital Smart Labels™ provide directly translate into a better customer experience as employees can now be used to assist customers on the floor or do other tasks that might be more beneficial to the business. 

Not only have you directed your resources to be more effective for the business but you’ve also helped the environment. Win, win. 

So if your 2022 company’s new year’s resolution is to save time, money and the planet, Digital Smart Labels™ are definitely the way to go.