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Seamless in-store promotions with Digital Smart Labels™

By November 24, 2022May 26th, 2023No Comments

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The busiest shopping day of the year is just around the corner. Black Friday madness is manic and invigorating for those who choose to rise to the retail challenge. Shoppers and store staff alike are busy prepping their individual strategies; one for securing the best in-store deals and the other strategizing how to capture and capitalize the crowds and strongly encourage them to spend top dollar while in their store location.

The challenge facing brick and mortar store fronts during this elevated shopping period is the ability to offer promotions and have updated pricing reflected on their shelves in real time. Traditionally, this sales period is fast and furious with in-store sales being offered in incremental time periods. For example, one store may offer a promotion on a selection of products for a 24-hr period, or perhaps they choose to run a sale on an hourly basis or offer products at an additional price deduction for a select period of time throughout their sale event. Challenging for store clerks to stay on top of while striving to maintain a high level of customer service to those shopping in-store.

The multi-price changes required for countless products, the accuracy involved, the speed at which the task is performed, the staffing required to make those changes and to keep on top of as timed promotions expire all have the same common denominator: increased labour costs. Pricing changes, in-store promotions/features and the people needed to take care of it are all tethered to labour.

Erosion of the business’ bottom line through increased labour costs can be significantly augmented with the implementation of Danavation Technologies’ Digital Smart Labels™. As a result of this technology, stores can manage inventory while increasing operational efficiency, reducing paper and saving time. Pricing changes are updated on the point-of-sale system and universally reflected immediately on the shelf.

Digital Smart Labels™ automate the labour-intensive task of updating pricing and therefore eliminate the immense time staff needed to take care of it. A job that could take days can be performed seamlessly in a matter of minutes, and with accuracy and confidence. With a fully customizable integration into the POS, the store manager could switch pricing and introduce new promotions on the shelves with far more efficiency and control. In addition to the convenience of adopting Digital Smart Labels™ technology, stores are more organized, and the staff now have the time to effectively serve and focus on customers to better assist them in finding what they need in store.

The Digital Smart Label Technology™ can be incorporated into workflows, including pricing changes, promotions and product information updates, all from a central location. While legacy paper systems can’t react quickly enough during promotional sales periods, you can be assured that Danavation’s Digital Smart Labels™ can and will drive operational efficiencies.